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Marybeth (greatestfallxo) wrote,
@ 2004-07-01 22:18:00
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    Current mood:i have to pee
    Current music:keane

    uh oh
    u know how little kids want to be batman one day...then a doctor the next day?

    that happend to me today. yesterday..i was totally comfortable with my plan to major in chemistry, minor is psychology, then go to grad school for pharmacology. i told this to all of my relatives and they think i have my entire life mapped out. except..i think it would be fun to be a journalist. the strangest things pop through my mind...and then i think about them for a long time. im not sure if this is a sign of early alzheimers...but i basically talk to myself in my head about it and make myself laugh. wow..yea i am a freak. anyway..if i took classes in journalism and found someone to publish my strange ideas...then i think i would have the greatest job. i think watching sex and the city brought this whole idea into my head. that woman only works on sundays...she stays out late...sleeps in..and spends tons of time with her 3 best friends. plus..she gets to wear a naked dress on a bus. yay.

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