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GraceAnn (graciegirl9) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 22:38:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:why bother - weezer

    bad mood for no reason
    .make em laugh it comes so easy wen u get to the part wher ur breakin my heart hide behind ur smile all the world loves a clown. how could i even try i can never win hearing them seeing them in the state im in how could u say to me love will find away gather round all u clowns let me here u say hey uve got to hide ur love away.they say that everyone needs someone well how come now one needs me if u wonder who the lonliest creatures in the world can be its the ugly duckling, the little black sheep, and me. i thought that i was over you but its true o so true, i love u even more than i did before but darlin wut can i do for u dont love me n i will always be crying over u. raindrops fall from heaven could never wash away my misery but since were not together i look for stormy weather to hide these tears i hope ull never see n wen my cryins done ill wear a smile in the sun. i want love on my own terms after everything ive learned, me i carry to much baggae o man ive seen so much traffic so bring it on ive been bruised. why bother its gunna hurt me its gunna kill wen u desert me.

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Don't Be Sad
2004-03-17 12:15 (link)
I get take these sad lyrics anymore...i know that you will def. find someone who will be crazy about you and love you so much. so, don't let little setbacks stop you from following your heart. wow, i feel like a psyhcaitrist (and that is def. spelled wrong). Okay, well i have things to do, but remember, i am here to talk if you need to. byebye.
your favorite roomie ever...oh wait, i am your only roommate ever :)

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