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GraceAnn (graciegirl9) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 20:41:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:total eclipse of the heart - thanks to tussel <3

    id give anything to be in your dreams....
    hey blurty readers. so... heres wuts been goin thru my head today: "why does spanish suck so freaking much? why do some people suck so much? do i suck? i hope i dont suck..... i better ask sum1 if i suck... ok i asked sum1 n he said i didnt suck... but if i dont suck then why is there a particular person who doesnt love me? well not love , but like, grace, u kno wut u mean, ur talking to urself. rite. so why doesnt he like me? well he likes me as a friend, so i guess i dont suck. but some part of me must suck bc i want him, n he doesnt want me. but u kno wut. u didnt even tell him u want him. good point self, i should tell him. NO! u cant tell him rite now. u have to wait n see how u feel n then u can tell him if u feel the same way. but wut if i dont tell him now n then i stop feeling this way. well then u shouldnt have told him in the first place. ok, but wut if i dont tell him n then sum1 else tells him n he goes with her. well then it wasnt meant to be. self, i dont like that answer, try again. well i guess u should tell him but i doubt that anyone is going to tell him in the next 2 weeks so y dont u at least wait till then n see how u feel. good point self, but why should i even wait bc he probably wont even like me, maybe i should never tell him. maybe u shouldnt. but... i dont kno. maybe i should think about it tomorrow.. ok.......u have to study. i kno. but i dont want to. i kno but u have to. i kno.. ok let me study...." and 5 minutes later the cycle starts all over. o m g. could my head be any more overwhelming? um no i dont think so. fabulous. anyway it was so nice out, i wanted to wear a skirt but i had fitness n wellness so i couldnt wear one. omg christy is wearing her math department tshirt. woah, dork alert! lol jk u little basketball slut/math dork. hmm i need to study.. i realyl do.. im never gunna get it done... ugh.. ok i better... i dont want to.... i cant make myself do anything today... GEEEEEZ.... anyway.. did u ever think that sum1 was like so perfect... n u think it like once.. n bc u thought it once u think it all the time n then eventually u think that they are like the be all n end all.... well i do.. i do it all the time... i need to be more realistic here. no1 is really that perfect.... ahhh.... he mite not be perfect but god do i want him.... ugh.. im going to study

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2004-03-01 21:10 (link)
okay, so your head is totally crazy and insane and no wonder why you never get any work done, cause you just have a bizillion things going on in there. also, you don't suck or do you?, not as a person with this guy, whoever he may be (wink wink), you should take a flower, and "pluck" the petals and say "he loves me", "he loves me not" and see if that is more productive. and on a final note...and i am so serious about this and it really does bother me....i like math, and i would appreciate it, if people would stop making fun of me for my passion for my major. that includes everyone and anyone. thank you and goodnight. oh and good luck with sorting out your mind and studying, which is what i should be doing now instead of commenting on your blurty. later.
your roomie

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2004-03-01 22:37 (link)
hey gracie ...your confused ..poor little grace ..tho you are the loser you are, im sure he likes you...keep flirting worked for me today : ) ...happiness... smile ...the sun will come out tomorrow and get good grades and then youll be rich and guys will flock to you ..

love <3,
your fellow dork: nicholas xo

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