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Go†hika (gothika) wrote,
@ 2003-09-24 17:43:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Rob Zombie -Dragula


    Today I went to College, it was'nt *TOO* bad, I survived, but feel ill..again *sigh*
    Anyhoo I went shopping in my Lunch hour, I bought a Rob Zombie album...past, presant and future..I think. And four Anne Rice book's, as it was buy one get one half price....BUT!!! I went to the cash machine and there was £20 sticking out, naturally I took it, as I'm a nasty bitch, but hey! People should'nt be so dense and forget their money!! So my 4 books came to £20:46, therefore i paid 46p for them *hehehe* And I bought a new journal, its sooo cute ;)

    My Rammstein poster still is'nt here,Grrr! I want it now, goddamnit!!! I got a letter from my pen-pal Liam last night, yes last night, as my mother forgot to give me it!! GRRRR! He is a serious looney toon, although he is sending me a CD with his fav songs on!! :D [I never turn down free music!!]

    [laughs at harrys journal]

    I think Andrew is out tonight, I'm sure he said he was...I'm going a bit insane as of late :/ I can't wait until I can see him again though :D

    [I would rather be bruised by truth than caressed by lies]

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