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Go†hika (gothika) wrote,
@ 2003-09-20 20:47:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Pantera - Cowboys From Hell

    •evil smile•
    •IT• is back [no not the clown!!] Oh the joy..

    Not too much to say really.....Got up late, then went into town with Paul, and did some christmas shopping..early I know! But I saw some great stuff at great prices! ;) [tight!!!!] Loads of "goff's" said they liked my bag - the Nightmare Before Christmas one, and asked where I bought it from, not Newcastle it is a shit hole! [The bag's from Camden, incase you wondered] I bought some stuff for my •FOUL• feet from the bodyshop..all the stuff I bought was reduced..of course!! Oh and I bought another CD.
    Then came home, waited 30minutes for a bus!! Then was on the bus over an hour!! It's a 15 minute journey!! Needless to say the traffic was beyond bad! But it has been raining allday and night :D So it's been a dark day •yey!•

    Last night I could'nt connect to AOHELL! I managed to get one once, out of a billion tries!! And phoning the AOL idiots up..and doing everything they said!! Anyway AOL is working you can see :)

    Andrew is back in Durham soon :D :D :D

    [We hate love, we love hate]

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