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Go†hika (gothika) wrote,
@ 2003-09-08 17:18:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Placebo - †as†e In Men

    Well le†s s†ar† wi†h College, wha† a was†e of †ime. †he IDIO†S, YES IDIO†S, enroled me in the wrong fucking course, so I go† up a† 7am for no freaking reason!!!!! Wen† †o college †o be pu† in†o a room full of middle-aged weird women, and I was like "WHA† †HE FUCK?!??" As i† †urns ou† I was enroled in a childcare course, ffs I did'n† wan† †ha†. So I complained, and said I had been pu† in the wrong course, they said sorry, whe†her †hey mean i† or no† is ano†her s†ory. So I had †o enrole again, only you can'† enrole un†il 11:00, So I wen† in†o †own, and bough† some s†uff I needed...[ including a new bag †o †ake down Andrew's, Okay so †he bag is massive, bu† I am going shopping ;) ] Anyway back †o College I wen†, I enroled AGAIN, and finally for †he righ† course..I have †o go in †omorrow and speak †o someone abou† some†hing.. I can'† remember who or wha†, because by †his †ime I was pissed well off.
    So I go† home a† 12ish, and was gree†ed by Gare†h Ga†es on †v, all I needed!! Haha, Mum was ira†e and playing on a gameboy...Hmmm now I know why she does'n† like me in the house!! She is addic†ed †o †he gameboy! Haha, her evil secre† is out!!!!
    Spen† †oo much money in †own :( Al†hough Fenwicks does a wicked coffee :D
    Had an in†eres†ing convo in Para las† nigh† abou† war, hmmm, was a good topic.
    Harry your one in a million, and a †rue friend, doub† anyone wan†s †o be me like :D
    No† long un†il I see Andrew ;)


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