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Go†hika (gothika) wrote,
@ 2003-09-06 17:24:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Prodigy - Fires†ar†er

    Wha† a web we weave..
    Well las† nigh† was in†eres†ing in many ways.
    Had qui†e an in dep†h convosa†ion wi†h Andrew, which was nice once I go† over worrying wha† he †hough† of my views.
    †hen para ho††ed up..and my god I mean ho††ed up. For †he firs† †ime ever I feel I had some insigh† in†o wha† people are really like. I don'† know if you all read Harry's journal, bu† if you do, you will know †ha† Sam [if †ha† is even her name!!!] admi†ed †ha† she is a liar, Wow, †ook her fucking long enough..I have never liked Sam, as a lo† of people know, I judge as I find and I found her †o be a parasi†e. I know i† has †aken me a long †ime †o admi† †o everyone wha† I †hink of her, bu† †o be hones† I don'† need †he shi† from her, †he ne† is men† †o be a laugh, I don'† know when i† changed bu† i† did somewhere along †he line. I would also like †o say †ha† if I am a bad person for no† naming people I care abou†, when i† is no† my place, †hen I am a bad person, bu† does †ha† make me a "ho" and a "by†ch" [†he daf†y who called me †hose names can'† even spell properly!!] I have no problems wi†h "Dea†h"/Danne, bu† i† seem's he does wi†h me. How i† kills me. [sarasc†icly said]. I would like †o say sorry if I wen† off on one las† nigh†, bu† I had enough, and now i†'s all said and done, and I can'† †ake any of i† back, nor would I wan† †oo.

    No problems for †he commen† Fee, you know I men† it :) and I go† †he Jiffy bag †oday †hankyou!! :D

    Have'n† spoken †o Jord la†ely..humm :( I'm sure he is si††ing s†oned somewhere!!

    Not long un†il I see Andrew now :)


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