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Captain Ramen (gorillatactics) wrote,
@ 2003-07-27 22:57:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:Jimmy Buffett "Margaritaville"

    I was so remember i don't drunk it
    Sorry bout that. Here are a few pics salvaged from my cruise. There are stories to go with them but I can't say on the grounds it might inseminate me.

    #1- me with two lovely ladies Sonya (left) and Alex (right). They were 20 and 19 respectively I believe. I met em in a bar with their 2 friends and parents.

    #2- Sonya and Alex and me again, but with Miguel and his wife Jenna, a nice couple that I met in the same bar as the girls. This was taken at like 12:30 one night at a big pool party.

    #3- Me with Sonya and Alex again, along with their friends Charlie (my right) and Danni (left). We were at karoake. Alex is an awesome singer.

    #4- Me at the bottom front, with my friends Pete (behind me) Kevin (right) and Jenna (left). Here we are at Karoake doing the YMCA. Pete and Kevin (and their lovely wives) are the ones that introduced me to Miguel, Jenna and the Fantastic 4 (the four girls).

    #5- Ahhh the group photo. You've met most of these people, But the guy on the far left in red is Frank a.k.a. Frank the Tank and his wife next to him. If you see me and look down you can see Christie, Kevin's wife. Pete's wife Dorrie took the pic.

    #6- Danni's mom and dad on the left, Dorrie in the middle. This is the bar where we met. I was there with a blonde chick when Kevin, Christie, Pete and Dorrie showed up. We partied until my friend left. I stayed and hung out, and a little while later, in came the Fantastic 4 with mom and dad. Pete and Kevin saw them and invited em to join us. They held a little game show sort of thing to try and the chicks to hook up with me. It didn't work out unfortunately, but I made some great friends. Look for more soon.

    More to come later

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