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Captain Ramen (gorillatactics) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 08:08:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Gustav Holst's "Mars, bringer of War"

    Mouse Infestation
    Got back from a family vacation yesterday. Unfortunately, the vacation was at Disney World, which means whatever you pay for something in the real world is tripled in the Disney World. I have always treated Disney World like a seperate country that just happened to be within Florida, like Vatican City. It has been my belief that someday Disney World is going to eventually call it's Mouseketeers to arms and seige central Florida. Eventually tthe entire Sunshine State will be one big fucking hellhole where parents go to buy their kids $45 plush toys and $10 sodas. How do I know? They have already begun their recreation of the world around us, two resort locales have already been made in the likeness of famous cities. Number 1 is "Port Orleans" supposedly a "family-friendly" New Orleans, which means no booze or topless chicks. Number 2 is "Old Key West", supposedly Key West long before Fantasy Fest or HIV. It captures the flavor of Key West, but gets rid of the
    riff- raff. Which is hard to comprehend seeing as every other fucking building in Key West is a bar!

    Oh well, I'm gonna go wander off now, I have plenty more of anti-Disney stuff that I'll tell you later. I'm tired and yet hyper on the inside. I have an urge to make something right now, then break it, then make five more, and then piss on all of em. I gotta stop eating after 10:30.

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2003-07-10 15:36 (link)
That would be wacky as fuck if Disney actually did end up taking over all of central florida, and all of central florida was just like Disney. It would be nice, in the way everything would look and feel all whimsical, but, it would empty are pockets quite quickly.


And it would kind of piss you off after a while. If everything was just like it was at Disney. All the buildings, all the people, etc. It'd be nice for a while but yeah.

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