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~!AsHlEy!~ (gone4ever) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 10:36:00
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    Current mood:calm

    hope has gotten huge. shes so playful. i love her so much. my mom wont stop spoiling me tho. its so weird. i can get anything i want. if i say i want this or that ill have it by the next day. its insane.\

    well my mom found a house. according to her the perfect house. its huge. i think it has 8 bedrooms. mom's thinking of possibly making it into a bed and breakfast. my bed and breakfast. id get it. im kinda flabberghasted- im only 16 and im going to be running my own business. i think shes going insane. anyway the sale is pending on it so hopefully itll happen. but i get to shop for everything in it and design all the rooms. that should be fun.

    schools been going ok. i got a call from my dad last nite. he wants me to come back to california to live with him. i hate it that he put all that pressure on me. i want to stay here. at least i think i do. im making friends. and im doing well. i also got invited to a couple of parties and movies. ive gotten to kno so many people in the few wks ive been here. ack my moms calling me. i think she wants to go celebrate something. later.

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