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Alex (gomeza54) wrote,
@ 2005-09-07 15:46:00
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    Current mood:bittersweet
    Current music:Reel Big Fish - I'm Cool

    Le Bleh
    School has been a bittersweet pill as of late. And we're only on day 2. On the one hand, I am very happy to be back in some sort of structured environment, but on the other hand, it just hit me that so many people that I had been accustomed to be around are not going to be in my daily life anymore. And that really sucks. But that's life, I guess... we can't do anything but try to keep in touch with those who are our closest friends now that we don't have the government forcing us to co-exist together under the same roof. It was sad because Cody came to visit us today during lunch, but he shortly got kicked out. So I walked around with him for a bit and that was nice. But it's like he's here, but he's not. And that's going to get some getting used to. I chuckle and pout all at the same time every time I look at the binder shayshay wrote all over in English last year. "Alex smells." "Sense RULE" and this huge flower that she drew on it that makes me look like a freaking panzy when I walk down the hall with it. Man, I am missing that kid so freaking much right now. And chantal as well, not to mention Sara who I haven't run into yet >_< I miss Sara!! I miss all these people that I was so used to being around with... it is very weird.

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2005-09-08 00:09 (link)
I only have 2nd and 3rd period, my love! So I'm in school from 9:40 - 12:17.... and then I blow that popsicle stand :( I miss you, too and we will see each other soon. As for Trish, don't feel stupid about approaching her in the caf, you are her boyfriend for christs sake and if her friends can't handle that, they'll have to suck it up.

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