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Kaitlynd (goldstar4effort) wrote,
@ 2003-04-25 20:53:00
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    Current mood: relaxed

    wendys - the employer from hell
    Well, I just got back from work, and I stink...hehe, damn wendys
    I'm happy that the days over, now I get to do nothing this weekend...hurray nothing! a well needed break. So that paycheck thing, yeah, they deducted it, and I was angry. So I didn't get paid :( meh, next paycheck will be mucho better :D
    *yawn* grrr, Jons gonna call soon, and my mom is on the phone, I want to talk to him. I look forward to that everyday, it just completes my day :D same with his hugs and kisses...especially his kisses on my forehead. They be my favorites! *sigh* another week till I get to see him again. (he lives in brandon) aah, but the more kisses I will get! Its gonna be 2 years in June...that rocks my world. oh I love that boy...hehe :)
    In 2 months today, we graduate. Its so close, too close, I can't believe it. Remeber the days of kindergarten and grade one. So carefree. the only time there was ever a problem was when the swings were all being used, and you didn't get your favorite snack in your lunch. *sigh* aah, the good ol' times. Same with the cartoons...our cartoons kicked some serious ass, now you look at the cartoons nowadays, and they're all shit. Oh no! little jimmy didn't get to play ball with the other kids! now what should he do now kids? ugh. hehe, it was all about the violence! We're well rounded young adults because of it...HA!

    Well, this is me signing out. I wanna go do nothing that has been horribly anticipated for a looooong time :)


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