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Seneschal Glorfindel of Rivendell (goldenelf) wrote,
@ 2003-02-23 13:24:00
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    Ahh... *stretches* Such a lovely frolic I had with Lord Celeborn! We had a wonderful time riding about, singing anchient songs of praise to the stars, and drinking. We did a lot of drinking. I'm just glad that Asfaloth knows the way home, as I wasn't seeing all that straight by the end there... But all is well now, I raided my lord's supply of hangover-cures (good thing he is taken to bed at the moment, he really doesn't like anyone messing with his medicines) and I've always held my drink well anyway. I don't know about Lord Celeborn, but I've certainly been refreshed by our outing. It was wonderful to trade stories with someone who actually remembers the old days! Heh, and that one about Galadriel and the bridle from his horse was hilarious! What an image. I'll be chuckling over THAT one for awhile.

    *sigh* But now I must get back to my duties. The fair Lady Arwen has gently taken me to task over my negligence. Ah, but I've never really been able to deny any of Elrond's children! I remember when they were but elflings in Lady Celebrian's care! Since my lord's dear wife sailed over the Sea, I've been able to deny them nothing. And if that means having to help decide which china pattern to use for the wedding feast, so be it. *sigh* But at least I don't have Erestor's job! Ha!

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2003-02-24 00:10 (link)
I will have to say that I had a most excellent time, Glorfindel. We really should do this again, and soon.

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2003-02-24 12:23 (link)
Most definately. I certainly had a wonderful time. In fact, our outing was the best time I've had this Age! Would you care to go on a longer trip next time, maybe a whole day frolic, with a picnic lunch and wine (lots of wine). And do you want to invite anyone else, or should it just be the two of us again?

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2003-02-24 01:16 (link)
But at least I don't have Erestor's job! Ha!

Laugh it up, Old Age Pensioner. You are merely envious of my impressive time management system and my palm pilot. Some of us have work to do instead of laying about like a...well, like a layabout.

-Erestor, Chief Counselor

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2003-02-24 12:28 (link)
Oh Erestor, how I envy your skills! I mean, not all of us have the wherewithal to be able to catch all those nit-picky little details. Why, you must spend positively OODLES of time with your palm (pilot, that is). *smirk*

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2003-02-24 01:22 (link)
Elves? Frolics? I missed it? :sobs:

Next time you have a frolic, Mr. Glorfindel, let me know! I could ... I could .... I can do the flower arrangements! You need flower arrangements at frolics to do it properly, I'm thinking. Of course, I'm basing this on hobbit parties ... but we hobbits are experts on parties, and I don't imagine frolics are all THAT different, except for the fact that they involve elves, not hobbits, of course, but you knew that, of course, begging your pardon, Mr. Glorfindel....

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2003-02-24 12:29 (link)
Why, thank you Samwise. Um, next time I need some flowers, I'll be sure to think of you.

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