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Seneschal Glorfindel of Rivendell (goldenelf) wrote,
@ 2003-03-22 20:46:00
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    I swear I've seen that rock before... and Erestor is getting heavy. I do wish he'd wake up. I wish I could find Imladris. I wish my head didn't hurt so much. I really don't want to miss dear Arwen's marriage. Such a beautiful young elfmaid should have nothing go amiss on her bonding day, and I know she'd want Erestor and I there to witness. In fact, I fear that without Erestor there to organize everything, something might go awry.

    *wanders around some more, carrying the *STILL UNCONSCIOUS* Erestor*

    Okay, I've definitely seen that rock before. How should I go about...?

    *gets a sudden inspiration*

    Asfaloth! Yes! Why didn't I think of it before? Must be the head injuries... Asfaloth will rescue me! Such a noble steed, he'd brave the very fires of Mount Doom to come to my aid. Right then. *sits Erestor down propped up against the aforementioned rock*

    ASFALOTH! *yells echo up and down the Hithaeglir* ASFALOTH!

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2003-03-23 00:22 (link)
*groans as he wakes up*

What is that infernal noise?! *grimaces* Please do not shout.

*reaches up to gingerly touch a HUGE knot on the top of his head*

You did not have to hit me so hard, you know! *glare is undermined by a whimper*

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2003-03-23 01:31 (link)
*I*? You started it, mellon. Not had such a bout in an Age, at least! Quite like old times, eh? Here, put this on your head, it's some medicine Prince Legolas gave me.

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2003-03-23 01:42 (link)
*winces again*

*I* started it?! You were the one who said I had a stick up my arse! *gingerly touches his jaw*

*feel guilty* Well...perhaps I overreacted.

*sheepishly takes the medicine* You know that you are bleeding, no? You have a nasty cut on your forehead. You should use this for yourself. If you want, I can put this on for you since you can't see it for yourself.


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2003-03-23 01:49 (link)
Nyah, I'm good. Carried you all the way here, didn't I? Um, by the way, do you happen to know where "here" is? *sheepishly* I got us lost. Was trying to get away from all the orcs -- Legolas was covering us -- and I got turned around and, well, here we are. Wherever here is. Sorry. I'm sorry for everything, Erestor. I'm a jerk, I know. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? *looks hopeful*

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2003-03-23 02:06 (link)
*looks around and sighs*

I have no idea where we are. You are the one who is the outdoors type, remember?

*tilts head*

How long have I been out?

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2003-03-23 02:15 (link)
Erm, you've been out for awhile now. Several hours, anyway. Sorry.

Well, since we don't know where we are, I propose we just stay here. That's what you're supposed to do when you're lost, right? And I've called for Asfaloth. He'll come and then we can ride him back to Imladris. He'll know the way.

*kneels next to Erestor* I'm just going to check your vision, see if your eyes can track my finger. I don't think you're too bad off, but I just want to make sure.

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2003-03-23 02:23 (link)
*amused* Several hours, eh? You must have been quite angry. I barely remember anything after you hit me with your own stick.

*is suddenly very tired* I feel quite sluggish. Almost as if I am wading through water.

*eyes follow your finger* Ai, you are forcing me to think, and every nerve is aching. Including my own brain, it seems.

*has a thought* Would Asfaloth let me ride him? I thought he would only allow you on his back. Well, in addition to Arwen and the Lady Eowyn, of course.

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2003-03-23 03:15 (link)
*snorts* While a true and noble steed, Asfaloth is a sucker for apples. I always have some slices in my pockets, you feed him and he'll be devoted to you for life... unless you threaten me -- then he'll trample you. So, no more with the sticks and the hitting!

*worriedly* Well, you seem to be able to follow my finger, so no cranial nerve damage, and neither pupil is blown or fixed. I'm no healer, but I'd say you escaped any serious damage. Still, I'm worried about a concussion. I think it would be best for you to stay awake for awhile. I was truly worried when your eyes were closed, my friend. Talk to me so I know you're staying awake until Asfaloth comes.

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2003-03-23 03:36 (link)
*smiles tiredly* Ah Asfaloth, alas I knew that he could be bought.

*sighs and draws up knees and hugs them to his chest*

What do you wish to talk about, mellon? *rests head on his arms* Do not worry about me, I think a little sleep is what I need right now. Just...wake me up when Asfaloth arrives? *closes eyes*

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2003-03-23 03:43 (link)
Nope, no can do! It's probably a good idea that you keep awake! Tell me... tell me about your early life, tell me about your years a an elfling. I bet you were a studious, serious type, eh? Come on, talk to me!

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2003-03-23 03:53 (link)
*keeps eyes closed* Yes, I was quite studious. Although my father made sure that I knew all about the art of defense.

*chuckles suddenly* It helped, actually. *wearily opens eyes* There were those who believed that I was...tainted because of my dark hair. Ridiculous things that children say, neh? I had plenty of opportunity to put my father's lessons to the test. The name calling did not last for long, needless to say.

*closes eyes again* So tired.

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2003-03-23 03:59 (link)
Nuh uh, open your eyes. Good elves sleep with their eyes open, Erestor!

Tainted? *puzzled* Whyever would dark hair be considered tainted? Children can be cruel. Were you in fights often?

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2003-03-23 04:08 (link)
*snorts and raises his head*

"Dark hair" was a poor choice of words, friend. Perhaps "black hair" would be better. Not very many black haired elves walking around these days.

*arches eyebrow and smiles slightly* I must have been involved with an exchange of fists at least once every two days. My mother used to despair about it...and father...well, I think he tried to understand.

*lays head down again* Perhaps it was my way of trying to be better for my mother's sake. Excel in studies, excel at everything if I could possibly help it. It is not an extraordinary tale by any stretch of the imagination.

*closes eyes* What about you? What were you like as an elfling? I imagine you were quite the prankster. The comic, really.

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2003-03-23 04:31 (link)
Open those eyes, counselor! Good, good...

It's truly sad that simply having different hair would cause you such strife. *pats Erestor gently*

As for me... well, you know I'm old right? Yes, well, I'm old enough that... *sighs* I was never an elfling, my friend. I remember the Awakening at CuiviƩnen and first of all seeing the stars. Then, we were all the Quendi, not yet divided into many different kinds of elves. Hair color did not matter, although I was named for the color of mine. I may have been a bit of a prankster... told scary stories about the Hunter who would take us if we should wander far, scared the first elflings with tales of shadow-shapes on the hills...

I have known many an fine elf through the long ages... well, except for when I was dead during all of the Second Age, of course... and I can say with certainty that you are among the finest.

Ahh, wonderful, Asfaloth is finally here! Are you ready to ride, my friend?

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2003-03-23 04:44 (link)
*arches eyebrows* I always knew you were ancient, my friend. But I didn't know that you were truly that ancient. Truly, you learn something new everyday.

*stands slowly*

If I ride, does that mean I can sleep? I don't even know how you've managed to stay on your feet this long.


Thank you for not leaving me behind, mellon. I am sure I would have ended up as a main entree for some lucky orc if you had.

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2003-03-23 04:52 (link)
Nyah, you're too ornery for an orc to chew. *sniggers* Oh wait, um, sorry, I was going to stop doing that. I didn't mean it badly. Right, no more casual insults. Sorry!

Here, up you go. *mounts Asfaloth and pulls Erestor up* Right, we're off. And no sleeping! I want Lord Elrond to check you out before you do, just in case.

Home, Asfaloth!

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2003-03-23 04:56 (link)
*rolls his eyes and shakes his head*

I get no respect.

*braces himself for a very uncomfortable ride home*

All right, no sleeping until we get home. But as soon as we hit the door, I'm passing out. My head is killing me.

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2003-03-23 05:09 (link)
I don't show it as I should, my friend, but you do have my utmost respect. There there, soon our lord will be tending to you. Won't that be nice?

We're almost home, I know where we are now. Just a bit more and you'll have Lord Elrond cooing over you, maybe get a nice hot soak to ease out the abused muscles, eh? If you're lucky, Lord Elrond may even join you. *nudge nugde, wink wink*

Ah well, we'll both probably be bruised for the Evenstar's wedding tomorrow, but I'm sure we'll put on a fine show.

There we go, almost there, you'll be in Lord Elrond's arms in no time...

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2003-03-23 05:18 (link)
you'll be in Lord Elrond's arms in no time...

*laughs outright*

You don't know, do you? Ah well, it's as it should be. In any case, it will be nice to sleep in a proper bed again.

I am afraid that I will not be able to pull off the Great Dress Heist as planned. *chuckles* This bonding ceremony should be quite a spectacle.

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2003-03-23 05:27 (link)
You don't know, do you?

Don't know? Don't know what? What don't I know?

Yes. Bed. Tired. Sleepy. For once, I'll let the grooms take care of Asfaloth. Tired...

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