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Seneschal Glorfindel of Rivendell (goldenelf) wrote,
@ 2003-03-05 10:13:00
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    Some books have gone missing from the Imladris Library. I'm having my detectives look into it, but I have my suspicions that the culprit is currently dwelling right here at the Last Homely House.

    There are also some citizens currently stirring up trouble. I have no idea why, Imladris is the best place in all of Middle-earth to live!

    Estel has invited me to look at his new home. I'm dubious about the whole thing because of what others have said about it. The Lady Galadriel was in quite a state when she came back from visiting! I'll probably end up taking a look just to quench my morbid curiosity, but I'll probably regret it.

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2003-03-05 13:28 (link)
Oh, so just because we as nameless citizens have some valid concerns, you would call it "stirring up trouble" would you? This method and half-truths are exactly what totalitarian regimes use to crush the populace of its independence and spirit!

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2003-03-05 16:49 (link)
Look, if this were *really* a totalitarian regime, by now you and all the others like you would have been "silenced." That is not happening is it? Go ahead and complain! And I am certainly justified to express *my* views, too. Its a little hypocritical of you to deny me the right to express my opinions.

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2003-03-05 17:04 (link)
Oh, that's certainly a spin, isn't it? Whenever someone disagrees, then you say that *we're* the ones who are repressing *your* freedom of expression!

Little Red Book! Little Red Book!

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