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Austin Oliver (godless) wrote,
@ 2003-01-29 00:35:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Papa Roach & N.E.R.D.

    I tried to eat Apple Pie, but it ended up making me sick. I'm fucking exhausted. I spent all afternoon at the gym working out. It's been a while since I haven't had time between Alec and work. I realized that I was getting a bit flabby, enjoying too many Twinkies. So I went to the gym and really worked myself up to a burn. I do feel good inside and out though, and I can't wait to go back.

    It's not that I am into the whole idea of physical fitness, only that I want to look good and not huff and puff when I have to run or do anything stressful on my body. I like the stamina it gives me.

    And I think that Alec does too, he's never complained.

    Speaking of which, I really miss him right now. Sometimes I look around and I realize how lonely I really am, and how much things seem much more complete when he is next to me. I used to think that being alone was what I liked the most, that I didn't have to worry about entertaining anyone or having them in my business and face. But now, I can be myself and be with him. I'm comfortable. Just like being alone, but better because he gives me kisses and rubs my feet when we lie down.

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2003-01-29 13:11 (link)
Hey sweetie.

I miss you too, but I will be around soon, just a few more days. Tonights performance was canceled so you know I will be on the phone with you all night.

It makes me feel so warm inside knowing you feel that way. You should see my smile right now.

I just want you here where you can kiss me.

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2003-01-29 19:16 (link)
Austinnnnnnn, ha ha. Your on my friends list now.

You need to be on tour with us, I'm in a mood to raise hell. Your good at that.


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2003-02-02 15:23 (link)
New look! I'm impressed, you go boy.

Come back to work, sexy we miss you


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Re: OooooooOOooooooo
2003-02-02 21:07 (link)
I decided that puke orange was not my style, and I do prefer this.

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ah yes..
2003-02-02 21:31 (link)
I know exactly what you mean.. well w/o the whole foot massage thing. i'm just like you w/ how i used to feel about being alone. i can say though, that i am recently single so enjoy how you feel. it's good stuff....

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