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Stacey (goddess_s) wrote,
@ 2004-01-15 21:42:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:'JUST KEEP SWIMMING' Finding Nemo

    Well it was yesterday, and I never got time to write so....
    Tuesday night was awesome, went to fever. Went with jc, Ryan & Herlina (lee was supposed to come but didn’t)
    Fever was packed!!! Got in went straight to the bar to try get at least one drink for free drinks... and that what we got 1 DRINK!!!
    Saw a bunch of people that were there... obv. To celebrate my bday!!
    Heres who all was there: Ateeyah, Candice, Gavin, Andrea, Nick, Shane, Adrian, Herlina, Jason ( & his current girlfriend Vicky), Warren, Phil, Darren, Kyle, Dean, Jonothon, Wayne,Brandon, Gavin & Brett.
    Was so weird not havin Rach there, as well as Joe & Derryn.

    Had a flippen brilliant time... it was so weird we went to dance (oops... I mean, wedge ourselves between a bunch of people who were standing trying to dance) a song was ending and I was like ‘I really want them to play Shut up’ ..... and next song was SHUT UP!!!! It was brilliant!! I love that song.

    I brought myself 1 drink & 1 shooter the whole night!!! I love birthdays... Got so many Birthday Kisses aswell!!!! Yea!!!!
    Left at about 2:45am...

    It was such an awesome day!!!!!

    Then lets see... my actual birthday day...
    Got up surprisingly early.. at about 9:30. got my first phone call from Jessica.
    Melissa also phoned. She was chat chat chatting away and FINALLY after like 10 min (no jokes) she said ‘oh by the way happy birthday’ like it was some kinda major effort!!

    Just chilled the whole day, getting loads of sms’s and calls. On my new phone...7210 (didn’t get it for my bday, upgrade, but it felt like a prezzie) went to go visit Tania and Clair at Tanias house and caught up on stuff. Then Herlina came and visited for a bit.

    Befor dinner I got my prezzies from the family, yea!!!
    For dinner we went to Chineese... yum! I had chicken & sweet corn soup, Spring roll, sweet & sour pork, chicken chow mein & ice-cream. I love it!
    At dinner Karl phoned me and asked what I was doing tonight, so I said I was going to Monsson Lagoon & he was like cool me to, so then we just said we’d see each other there. During the day I said that he better not forget my birthday!!

    Oh yea!!! Sarah also phoned!!! Was So cool hearing from her... miss her stax.

    After dinner I went with Jenna & Kurt to Monsoon. Boy is Kurt a mislik boy, someone needs to teach him that smiling is not a crime!!
    Got there & there was a humungus line.. it was crazy, phoned mel 2 come outside. Then I saw Karl like 4 people in front of us.. went to go say hi & speak to him. Havn't seen him forever!! Spoke for a bit he didn’t say Happy Birthday when I saw him, so I so thought he forgot. Then our convo went like this:
    ‘so did you just phone me to ask if I was going out?’
    ‘yea I thought you might be coming out, I just wanted to find out’
    ‘oh, is that all you phoned me for’
    ‘oh so you didn’t wanna say anything else to me?’
    ‘you sure there was nothing else??’
    ‘don’t tell me it's today?’
    ‘whats today?’
    ‘you birthday, no it's on sat!’
    ‘no it's today, 14th, my bday!! Nice friend you are!!!’
    ‘no man isn’t it on sat, y I think it was the 17th?
    ‘I dunno, it's today!’
    ‘no... you serious???’
    ‘oh shit... happy Birthday man!!!!’
    ‘nice friend you are!!’

    so heart broken (hehe) that he forgot!!!
    Last year, a few of my friends forgot, but this year... like one of my best friend (like my brother) Karl was the only one that forgot... NOT COOL!!!

    We were just standing outside, jenna gets so pissed off with Kurt! I could not deal with him!!!
    We figured it was a waste to stay, cos it was like 11:30 and we still prob had about a hour (or 1 ½ hrs) to wait! So we just went to grab something to eat. Jenna felt bad, I was keen but it was really no worry!!!
    Than came home and was so bushed I just went to sleep!!

    Heres the list of my prezzies, I got SO spoilt!!! (I love it)

    Mom, John & Jacqui: Hubbly Bubbly
    Finding Nemo Dvd
    Funky ring
    Bra straps
    Photo frame
    Black eyed peas cd
    Dido cd
    White stripes cd
    Fridge puzzle
    Dean Koontz book

    Herlina: fridge magnet
    Dinky Oros (I live off the stuff)

    Tania: insents
    Photo frame
    Photo album

    Clair: Candle

    Ingrid: eyeore pjs
    Matchstick teddy

    Denny, Lisa, Sarah & Rick: Earings

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okay, we're officially
2004-01-16 00:47 (link)
okay ill add you and you add me

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