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katie (gnarliechica) wrote,
@ 2004-12-01 16:06:00
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    Current mood: contemplative

    My Thoughts on Religion
    i'm really confused about everything. i feel as though i've been brainwashed and sheltered my whole life by chrstianity. ever since i was born my parents forced me to go to church. and all my parents know is religion, so they are constantly preaching to me and what not. it's very frustrating. i can't really hold a normal conversation with my dad anymore, because he'll always bring up God. and if i try to talk about my opinion about something, they tell me i'm wrong and blah blah blah. my mom isn't SO bad, because we can hold a non-religious conversation. and as soon as she brings something up i dont want to hear, i shut her out. so she's learning.

    i'm not against God or anything like that. I believe in God and Jesus and all that...but the fact that "christianity" and "the church" has been so warped and changed by so many different people just sickens me. people think they can act like God and judge people and think they know what God wants. for instance, my parents always tell me shit like , "you and nick aren't married so you can't do whatever you want." they say that when nick and i go on a trip together or stay overnight together someplace. my parents tell me that God is watching and doesn't approve or whatever, but who are they to say that? They aren't God, they don't know his thoughts, and they aren't the one who is going to let me into Heaven or not. Also, do you think it's "christian-like" to condemn homosexuals? i sure as hell don't! they are people too. why should they be outcast? preached against? did you know that it was the Chrisitians back in the day that thought slavery was God's will? they told themselves that God approved of keeping blacks segregated. what kind of shit is that? that kind of shit is exactly what makes me hate the whole concept of organized religion.

    here's what i think. i think God is THE God of all, the creator, and Jesus was our savior. The Bible is pretty good, I read it, but i don't think it has ALL the answers, because it was written by men. the only way we'll have all the answers is when we're standing of front of God. i think other religions have some pretty good ideas. i don't think ONE religion has all the answers or has it all right. i think that as long i as believe in God/JC and try my best to live how it says in the Bible, i'll be alright. and if i believe something from another religion, that's alright too. As long as I keep God number 1. and i don't think it's necessary for me to live a sheltered, hypocritical life like I see a looooooot of people doing. and i believe in evolution as well to an extent. i don't believe the Bible should be "literally" interpreted-for example, when it says the earth was created in 6 days, i don't think the days were days as we know them now. i think each day was like over a thousand or millions of years. After all, the Bible is essentially subject history, which is a reaction or opinon to something that happened. object history is stricly fact-based. so why should we take is as literal? we shouldn't.

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I hear you!
2004-12-07 00:26 (link)
I too, being brought up in a southern household had religion shoved down my throat. Now, learnign more about Buddhism, I am almost afraid to try anything new. I dont know what I do and do not believe. I dont know if I was frightened into believing there is one God, or what. Since I was a kid, it was either, be baptized, and christian or go to hell. So. I am with you. I know I am going to try really hard to let a child of mine make his/her own choices but the inevidable parental control will be there...I just hope, not as know??

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Re: I hear you!
2004-12-07 10:30 (link)
i know, exactly! I'm in a religious studies class right now, so we're learning about all different kinds of religion, and why people choose religion and what religion means to us. it's such a huge wake up call to realize how sheltered i was and how brainwashed i feel. but, i am deathly afraid to try anything new, because the fear of God was instilled in me. I also want to let my future children make their own choices, but yes. parental control WILL be there, and it will be really really hard. thanks for listening!!

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