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katie (gnarliechica) wrote,
@ 2004-10-24 20:18:00
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    Current mood: crappy

    aye aye aye.
    well shit. my body is like breaking down. all i want to do is sleep! and my tummy feels like crap. i think that morning after pill is catching up with me, as well as the other pills i've taken in the past couple months. my energy level has just collapsed. i'm going to be taking longer walks every day with kelsey(the neighbors' dog that i nanny for) so i'm hoping that exercise will help.

    today sucked teh ass. brandy gave me a call and asked me to come pick her up from union station cuz she was all hungover. i said yes right away, cuz i'm used to just doing everything for other people...but then i totally regretted it. i'm so tired of letting people manipulate me and walk all over me, and i thought that i was being more assertive....i was wrong. so i ended up dragging nick along, because i didn't know where i was going, and he was all crabby and not feeling well cuz he just woke up. one thing i was assertive about, though, was telling nick that he can't smoke in my car anymore. i can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke-it makes me sick to my stomach and hurts my nose and mouth. plus it ruins the interior of my i just finally laid down the law. yay.

    that's all for now.
    i heart nick.

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