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katie (gnarliechica) wrote,
@ 2004-10-17 22:11:00
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    Current mood: content

    i'm back.
    yes. after 4 months, i have decided to start typing in my little journal again, just to show the world how truly lame i am!

    nick update: yes, we're still together! we'll be "celebrating" our 7 month on thursday (the 21st). he quit his job at sam ash, is working at Starbuck's part time and is going back to school with me! yay! i am SO proud of him.

    as for me, i'm working as a nanny for my neighbor's kids for a few hours each day after school. been thinking a lot about getting a new job, though, because i want more hours and to interct with people my own age. i have no social life other than nick, and that needs to change. fast.

    i have transformed into a people-watching, hippie hugging, passive-like bookworm. i'm an entirely different person than what i used to be-always making new friends, always something to do, etc etc. now i'm either with nick or i'm at home reading. on the rare occasion i'll hang out with some friends from high school, but again, it's quite rare.

    i like the new me: quiet, peaceful, laid-back, in love... i just want to add on a little social life...and i'd like to start standing up for myself.

    wow. it really feels good to write this stuff down. i've been going insane with just letting stuff rolling around in my head, but when u write something down, all the mumbo-jumbo kinda forms into a point.

    cool. *smiles*

    ps...i'm in washington, dc right now, visiting my brother!(and we went to Baltimore, MD to visit Sten, my bro's boy toy!) it feels so AWESOME to be doing something on my own, without my nick.

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