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Billy (gluteus_44) wrote,
@ 2003-08-29 13:42:00
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    yesterday, I went to school to pick up my books. I only have 5 subjects this year, so its going to be a piece of cake :D.... Also, I only have 17 lessons a week :D....
    I'm really pissed today, because yesterday I found out that my girlfriend is no longer allowed to hang out with me. I think its because im a punk.... grr.... People are so stupid. Her mother hardly lets her do anything, I hate that. But now, she can't even fall in love with someone who looks a bit diffrent from other people. I really love my girlfriend. We live 40 minutes in a train away from eachother, so this really complicates things. We agreed to secretly meeting eachother, but I think that's just a temporary solution. I think I'm going to have to have a serious chat with her mother..... Man, it's discrimination!!! I get even more pissed every second I think about it. I really felt that this relation was going well untill her mother had to open her big mouth. Well, im going to quit now, it breaks my heart talking about it.

    Today, im going to have a weekend with the other leaders from the scouts. So I won't be updating untill Sunday or Monday... See ya

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2003-08-30 15:05 (link)
wow, i came across this in a search, i added you. wanna add me back?

and the whole discrimination thing sucks. my boyfriend is a punk too. but my mom likes him now..
i hope everything works out =\

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