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aphasia d (global_aphasia) wrote,
@ 2009-01-29 19:21:00
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    Current mood:revolutionary
    Current music:chitagong chill- state of bengal

    what's stopping us? is it fear? or laziness..
    today i became aware.
    how many care about your job? are happy doing what you do? think things are going to be ok? have confidence that the economy will fix itself? have faith in our government to pull us out of our troubles? believe that the world is going to end one day? wish you had money? or have dreams you think will never be accomplished? (its nice to just have them, right?)

    this is wrong! but.. how many of you care? today we find ourselves, here in america, caught in a bunch of lies that we sing to ourselves before we go to sleep every night. we have forgotten what this country is for.

    it isnt thought of as the greatest country on earth because of its great deals on car insurance, or suburbs and walmarts. its because this was a country that stood up to its oppressors time and time again in order to put the power in its people's hands, and keep it there.

    now we have grown complacent. we are lazy. and afraid. we are our greatest enemy, not so-called terrorists. our government is a select group of men and women that were raised to be where they are today. and they are smart enough to take advantage of us. and they are, but how many of you have noticed?

    its not taking advantage! theyre protecting us!

    havent you even questioned where all this came from? dont you want to know the root of the problem before you become afraid of it? why is fear so important? we should fear what rights our government will take from us next. all in the name of protection from people they blame. protection is a very good guise to hide behind when the people are looking for who has hurt them.

    but the thing about this whole scenario that is so so chilling, is that many of us are unsettled by our government's actions. we are moved in some way, and know that things are wrong. and yet nothing is being done. electing a black president isnt going to change anything when he is one of those political elites. real revolution and salvation are easily obtainable. all you have to do is think. and care about the right things. get involved. becoming active in life is the only way to live. why not make it about a good cause or idea?

    things can really change. yes we can! doesnt mean yes, obama can. it means the people have to work together to make things right. no one is going to do this for you. no one can change your life but you.

    try becoming informed. the more information you have, the greater chance you have of finding something you believe in, or coming up with something new yourself. or realizing that there's some things worth fighting for. so why havent you already? because you dont have time? or interest? you know that if people like you stopped worrying for a moment about the bills and what time your shift starts, and found a way to improve, there may not be any bills or need for jobs. i know how this can happen. its all very simple, really. but how many of you care to know? who will join the fight? which ones of you reading this will become informed and ditch your apathy and laziness? the more of you there are, the greater chance there is for change.

    when people voted for obama, they werent voting for him as a person, they voted for his ideas and what principals he focused on. but if we really want change we wouldnt have a democrat or republican in office. perhaps we wouldnt have an office. who knows, that part is up to all of us. if you want to become more aware of your country, and what its doing in your good name, here are some websites that have some insightful information, and good causes you may want to dedicate part of yourself to.

    getting involved in productive humanity will bring us all peace. we are all one race and any violence or wrong doing on one people, is violence and wrong doing toward everyone.

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