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Password: (glitzy_beauty) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 23:17:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:Eddie Money "Take Me Home Tonight"

    *A* : ~Act your age?~ ..Yes:) I have that balance of being light-hearted and being serious:)..
    *B* : ~Born on what day of the week?~ ..Um, I think it was a Tuesday..
    *C* : ~Chore you hate?~ ..Hmm. *ponders* I just do them and don’t think about them. My family helps each other out..
    *D* : ~Dad's name?~ ..Kevin:)..
    *E* : ~Essential makeup item?~ ..Lipgloss!:P..
    *F* : ~Favorite actor?~ ..Brad Pitt. ..*drool*..
    *G* : ~Gold or silver?~ ..Silver..
    *H* : ~Hometown?~ ..Tehe, Munci, Indiana:P..
    *I* : ~Instruments you play?~ ..The piano, and I’ve started playing the harp..
    *J* : ~Job title?~ ..Um, associate? I don’t know..
    *K* : ~Kids?~ ..Totally! Once I’m married and financially secure, of course:)..
    *L* : ~Living arrangements?~ ..“Upper class”, semi-tidy/semi-messy, creative, frilly, girly, yup..
    *M* : ~Mom's name?~ ..Marga:)..
    *N* : ~Number of people you've slept with?~ ..Several;)..
    *O* : ~Overnight hospital stays?~ ..Nope..
    *P* : ~Phobia?~ ..I’m working on my vertigo..
    *Q* : ~Quote you like?~ ..“People are unable to love others if they first don’t love themselves.” – Buddha..
    *R* : ~Religious affiliation?~ ..Theravada Buddhism..
    *S* : ~Siblings?~ ..My younger sister (sixteen years) named Joan..
    *T* : ~Time you wake up?~ ..Between 5am and 6am usually..
    *U* : ~Unique habit?~ ..I carry a pad of paper and a pencil with me always to capture what I see..
    *V* : ~Vegetable you refuse to eat?~ ..I’ll eat them all..
    *W* : ~Worst habit?~ ..Um, I can get spacey:P..
    *X* : ~Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend you best like out of all the ones you've had?~ ..Nate. We still talk, he’s a nice guy:)..
    *Y* : ~Yummy person you've seen today?~ ..Tehe, Mr. Martin.O:) *blush*..
    *Z* : ~Zodiac Sign?~ ..Aquarius!:D Woop woop! The best sign, of course;P..


    ~1 minute ago~: ..I was painting my nails:)..
    ~1 day ago~: ..I was sleeping:)..
    ~1 week ago~: ..I was probably doing homework:P..
    ~1 year ago~: ..I can’t remember.. .talking on the phone? Meditating? Who knows..
    ~I hurt~: ..When I watch the war on the news..
    ~I love~: ..Myself and all living beings..
    ~I hate~: ..Hehe, there's no hate in me:)..
    ~I fear~: ..Some people will never know love..
    ~I hope~: ..For everyone to live happily, morally, healthily, and peacefully..
    ~I feel~: ..Peaceful..
    ~I listen~: ..To whatever makes me feel good:)..
    ~I hide~: ..When I play hide and seek (and I’m the hidder):P..
    ~I drive~: ..An ice aqua Toyota Echo:)..
    ~I play~: ..Like a little girl:)..
    ~I miss~: ..My friend’s who’ve moved far away (Katy K., Elizabeth C., and Cat)..
    ~I learned~: ..But still have much more to learn..
    ~I know~: ..That I don’t know everything..
    ~I wait~: ..Um. ..I’m excited for prom!:P..
    ~I need~: ..Water. I haven’t had enough today:/..
    ~I think~: ..*blinks* I do?:P..
    ~Current Clothes~: ..My really short blue shorts with sparkly butterflies, purple thong, black bra, blue halter, and a toe ring:P..
    ~Current Mood~: ..Happy:)..
    ~Current Music~: ..Rockin’ out to 80s!..
    ~Current Taste~: ..Peppermint altoid:P..
    ~Current Hair~: ..In pigtails:)..
    ~Current Annoyance~: ..Not feeling annoyed..
    ~Current Smell~: ..My strawberry lotion:)..
    ~Current thing I should doing~: ..Probably getting my water..
    ~Current Desktop Picture~: ..An Aaron Cobbett photo of a lovely Chinese woman painting a clown..
    ~Current Favorite bands/singers~: ..Madonna!:D..
    ~Current Book~: ..”The Girl With The Pearl Earring”..
    ~Current Movie In DVD~: ..I think “Beauty and the Beast” is there now..
    ~Current Refreshment~: ..Still need to get that water..
    ~Current Worry~: ..Nope, not worried:)..

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