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LeAnne (glitterocknroll) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 17:51:00
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    Current mood: exhausted

    who needs subject titles anyways?
    Friday, November 14. skool. stayed after for a key club meeting. chris baldwin took me home. oh, and the GF and BF decided to get back together.

    went back to skool around 5ish bc my mom had to help with the cookout. went with bentley to get a "drum key" from his house. came back to skool. ate. had the sectional party. 'we love our seniors' :) then...da da dee dummmmm!!!! bird vs. dale! skyhawks won. after the game, grace and i were going to meet up with whoever at applebees, but it was crowded and we didnt want to wait, soooo... grace, kterz, esther, kevin thorburn, and myself went to unos. laughed. ate. then we all left and esther took kevin and myself home. i was feared for my life. :O !! jk.

    Saturday, November 15. i was totally sleeping in until i got a phone call around 11:30. it was trevor. im glad he called though or i wouldnt have gotten anything done saturday! he came over later to work on this latin idea i had. then we hit up the ddr. that gave me some laughs. :)

    later on in the evening, i went to ukrops to buy my hoohoo sunflowers. :D !! i got to go in the flower cooler thingy. ive never been in there before. and if you have and are laughing at me, then, shut up meanie. it was fun for me. anyways, then i picked up the jodster to have dinner with my family, then we went to the skool play. i love seeing my hoohoo [who is Caylyn Temple] up on stage! afterwards, i gave her her sunflowers and she seemed to really appreciate it. :) i love my friends <3

    Sunday, November 16. i could have SO slept in, BUT.. i woke up early to leave the house around 8:30ish with the mom and dad to travel to V-Tech for the day to visit my sister, mainly bc she was honored with something that only 12 other kids that have the hottness to receive too. [kori, you may comment and explain] im very proud of my sister. i wish i could be more like her. but anyways, the four of us went to dinner and brandon and allison joined us. i had a good time. oh, and i also baked and brought cookies to my sister. how sweet am i?

    i forgot what time we left, but, i slept in the car ride home. then, i stayed up watching...CSI?...and didnt get to bed...well, lets just say i didnt achieve my goal sleep time.

    Monday, November 17. VERY tired. dosed off a little in english. and im pretty tired now. i already have all of my homework done for the next couple days, and have studied. so, i can get to sleep pretty early tonight. hopefully, i will take advantage of that.

    how long until thanksgiving break?

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