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LeAnne (glitterocknroll) wrote,
@ 2003-09-27 22:36:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:IMAGINARY : Evanescence

    Eat. Spit. Be Happy. - David Sunflower seeds
    Yesterday evening i went out with Patrick and Kyle. the evening consited of: abuse; thrifting; seabiscuit; getting kids kicked out of the movies; taco bell.

    here's a story:
    + the three of us sat in the middle of the second row closest to the back.
    - behind us were 20 bajillion kids being idiots. ex: squeaking their chairs; talking excessively; being schmos
    + commonwealth20's big cheese told the kids to shut up or they will get kicked out, loud enough for the whole audience to hear
    - 15 minutes into the movie, the kids wont stfu. so i give them 10 minutes to shut up bc darnit. i was actually interested in seabiscuit
    + i yell shut up in the theater. the kids shut up for like 5 minutes
    - the kids start being obnoxious again. i give them 5 more minutes to shut up
    + i get up. tell the movie people. then go to the restroom bc i did seriously have to go
    + im walking back to the theater, the kids are being escorted by an officer and a number of movie people (not to mention seeing an elderly lady in the same theater complaining about the SAME kids)
    + i get back to the theater to enjoy the rest of the movie. :)

    sorry if you were one of those immature kids. its not my problem that you are obnoxious. or that you wouldn't shut up after a number of people told you to.

    when the three of us were walking out of the theater, this dad picked up his two daughters and one kid said:
    "daddy! it was so cool. this group got kicked out of the movie! there was an officer too!"

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why cant we be friends
2003-09-29 22:55 (link)
hmmmmm, dont u jus love the immature kids. well, i hope u r not still upset bout the lip jokes :( i didnt kno u would b so upset, im sry. :( but yea u'll always b my GW w00t w00t

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2003-09-30 17:27 (link)
i saw you in the movie theater. sitting beside those kids.

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glitter me this
2003-10-04 01:02 (link)

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