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LeAnne (glitterocknroll) wrote,
@ 2003-09-06 23:03:00
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    Current mood: silly
    Current music:muwahahahahahaah!!

    i cant even sleep in. what a waste of a weekend.
    today i went to skool so band can go around bird district areas and basically beg for money. it was me and esther, and, katie pipkin and amy malady. esther and i discovered that there is an abandoned murderer's house in my neighborhood. they had the hidden car in the bushes, dead plants, random "robber" things, and a merry christmas welcome door mat. yes, those are all the things that determine whether or not your neighbor is a killer. afterwards, kterz took me home bc i wanted to come home to eat asian rice and not hot dogs.

    after dinner cari my love apple and chris baldwin the bf, and myself hung out. we went to CTC. shopped. we were in hot topic forever. left. went to that above grave place to show BF bc hes never been there. played on the stoney glen play ground and these two guys walking a dog tried to hit on me and cari. she said she was some random name and i said i was cari apple. :) drove around, then we went to ichester and saw a bunch of kids. then we played the roles of stalkers and went home.

    so we drop off cari, then we're about to go to my neighborhood and this car is just sitting there with their signal turning left so we're like.."uhh ok" and drive by and i go "chris! was there anybody in the car?" and he's like.."no..weird" so i made him drive back and when we were turning around the car sped off. so then me and him were sorta freaked out. but it was fun. he survived. and now im talking to him. :)

    yeah so. you had to have been there. that was my saturday. muwahahahahaha. i like doing that now..


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some hundred dollars
2003-09-07 10:14 (link)
o but we sell ourselves so well.

<3 amy

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Re: some hundred dollars
2003-09-07 12:52 (link)
i agree. we own the streets.

<3 leannerz

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mysterious leanne?
2003-09-07 20:55 (link)
who is this mysterious bf that i know nothing about??? lol im very curious.. maybe this is ur intention... lol. u already know who my bf is :-P lol im feelin a bit left out of the news :(

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Re: mysterious...indeed.
2003-09-08 16:13 (link)
muwahahahaha. the world may never know the truth.

<3 LeAnne

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Re: mysterious...indeed.
2003-09-12 18:04 (link)
its probly an alligator "baby face" w00t w00t

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