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LeAnne (glitterocknroll) wrote,
@ 2003-08-28 13:31:00
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    Current mood: happy

    enter subject here _______________.
    last night was youth group. that was grand. afterwards, chris baldwin took erica, ethan and myself to friendlys. later, ryan-my ryanna, cari my love apple, and joy joined us. i do believe that we were the loudest, messy-est people there. the waitresses kept on telling us to keep it down, but they were cool about it. it was the "manager" who cared whether or not we discussed making babies, or about peeing in the shower. who cares? those two topics are both natural things. anyways, chris took ethan, erica and myself home. and that ended the night.

    this morning i had to wake up at the butt crack of dawn for band camp. :O exciting i know.

    i am talking to chris baldwin. and others. i didnt mention the names of all you other people that im talking to simply because....chris is my boyfriend. and erica's too. so back off. >:O

    revelation23c (1:47:53 PM): haha LIAR! how do you like being mine and erica's gf?
    gLittrOcksmywrLd (1:50:04 PM): well, by far it has been the greatest, most wonderful relationship i have ever had. i mean, anyone would give to have a singer AND guitar playing boyfriend and a girlfriend who craps in the friendlys bathroom
    revelation23c (1:51:31 PM): haha
    revelation23c (1:51:38 PM): you are a sweet talker
    revelation23c (1:51:39 PM): i like it

    since i didnt update these past couple of days...
    happy birthday miss august 26th amy ames fitzgerald. happy birthday miss august 27th brittney bo0giebreen. happy birthday miss august 28th brittany potato head ashley.

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you forgot
2003-09-01 08:52 (link)
you forgot to stop ur scrolling marquee and now my whole friends page scrolls with urs.... its nice, but if you could end it, thatd be nice too
: )
<3 amy

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Re: you forgot
2003-09-01 18:32 (link)
hey amerz..i looked at your friends page and i didnt see anything scrolling...and i checked my last journal entries and all of my marquee's were stopped. so....

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Re: you forgot
2003-09-01 20:23 (link)
hmm... interesting? its still scrolling on mine.
o well. maybe its my computer.

<3 amy

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