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LeAnne (glitterocknroll) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 23:17:00
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    Current mood: exhausted

    hi ichester.
    wednesday, concentration camp was hell. actually, yesterday was the best. i was in such a good mood all day. then in the evening i picked up jodster :) then we headed off to church. family groups were fun. i gave crystle her super cool friendship bracelet that she now loves! wow, did i just say "super cool?" slap me, now. hmm, afterwards, david brown took ma-lay!, stephanie and myself to friendlys to meet up with everyone. i sat with my lover --> tori kistner, and her boyfriend that she is cheating on me with, ben jackson; and samuel sat beside me. i paid for icecream with complete change. how smooth?.. is that. ben and tori made me flick water on some asians behind them. they were prolly cussing in a foreign language to me.

    today was the same morning. then the band dinner tonight. laughs. then chris baldwin took amy fitzgerald, jenni booker, and myself to country style icecream, then to ichester to meet up with everyone. im disappointed in all of my guy friends. including megan. i never want to see you ALL at ichester again. :) jk. i noticed that david gross had logged onto aim at the computer i was on, so i signed on my sn and IMed him..discussed to him about what i just typed... then... i met alex. yeah, alex with no last name/the guy that was at the computer infront of me. but, he seems cool. oh, and nice seeing my a*hole friend, jaywoodz, tonight. i havent seen in forever it seems like. anyways, im going. oh yeah, michael smith tried to show ames and i tonight how to play counterstrike, then megan tried to show me, and yeah..lets just say if the game was in real life, i wouldnt be here typing this right now. kisses.

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so now i'm jewish?
2003-08-22 13:24 (link)
one time, at concentration camp...

mm band was even worse today (friday) i am sooo glad its over. my feet suffer from a constant ache.

im due for a nice long bath.

<3 amy

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Re: so now i'm jewish?
2003-08-22 15:34 (link)
hitler needs to stop these concentration camps. seriously.

my hips, feet, and legs hurt. badly.

glitter. <3 leannerz

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2003-08-22 23:13 (link)
i already told u y ur hips hurt its cuz of those tight pants :) now take wild guess at who this is

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2003-08-23 00:48 (link)
hi scott. lol. um, like i said before. i wore gym shorts all this week. :)

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2003-08-23 11:02 (link)
scott??? whos that

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2003-08-23 12:46 (link)
shut up. :)

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ichester. word :-)
2003-08-23 15:54 (link)
i dont know what youre talking about because we kicked some counterstrike butt. yes thats right. ;-) and if the game was in real life i WOULD be here typing this...or maybe not. haha good times...although it was mighty disturbing to see the whole gosh darn skyhawk marching band sitting in the dark with their eyes glued to the computer screen. hm.

i just remembered my inner tube is in chris' car. isnt that dandy?



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