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LeAnne (glitterocknroll) wrote,
@ 2004-01-09 16:14:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:unsung zeros

    * bucks.
    i am awful when it comes to updating. in result, my updates are in bulk.

    Saturday, January 3rd Saturday night my sister had a bunch of her college friends over for a dinner/party/sleepover. and i wasnt about to get stuck in the house with just them, soooo my Bo0gie [Brittney Breen] and i rented some dvds and she spent the night.

    Sunday, January 4th since Bo0gie was legally able to drive today... :) , we decided to head to the mall! we went to eat at CiCi's in Brandermill and then shopped at Bath & Body Works. Then to flagstop to get her car wash. anddddd david brown was there! always fun running into him.

    Monday-Thursday, January 5th-8th Monday and Wednesday consisted of skool and busy-ness. Tuesday after skool i went to chikfila with my hoohoo Caylyn Temple and Shawnee. Thursday i left skool to leave for the dentist.

    Friday, January 9th today after skool i went with Trevor Firebaugh and Will Childs to the new Starbucks where we saw some other bird kids. But, after skool when Will and i were walking out to the parking lot to find Trevor, Matt Holicky comes running up to me and shoves a snowball on my head. haha thanks. :)

    so will and trevor dropped me off at home and here ive been. i have plans tonight. maybe they will follow through?

    oh and i almost forgot! In Mr. Mingus's English class on Thursday, Trevor brought me a box of chocolates [since he has stocked up on them from christmas] and there was a "To/From" label on the box. so, i thought it would be funny to write "To: Mr. Mingus From: Trevor <3" so, i did. i was going to give it to Mr. Mingus right then, but he was no where to be seen. As Trevor tried to get the box from me, i threw it to Lillian Miller where she then put it on Mr. Mingus's desk. Later, Mr. Mingus comes to class, picks up the box, reads it, puts it down, tells the class some assignments, then announces to the class to eat these chocolates that Mr. Firebaugh gave to him. :) .."to make sure the chocolates werent poisoned" or something. lol. let's just say that i had a lot of laughs in that class. ill update another story that happened in 8th grade involving laughing at trevor in another entry. :) peaaccceee homies.

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