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LeAnne (glitterocknroll) wrote,
@ 2003-12-31 12:20:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:ohhh nothinggg

    i always write long enteries. never short.
    yesterday afternoon after i came home from my lover tori's hiz-ouse....crystle back and i decided that we wanted to hang out in the evening. then i told shae manion that we all should hang out since shae is a cool no curfew kid like me. :) then crystle came to pick me up and said that my hoohoo caylyn temple was coming too. i forgot to bring her her belated christmas gift though. :\ well any glitterosidfljsfwho, we went to see peter pan. I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES! I DO! I DO! haha that was great. the little boy who played peter pan --> he is H-O-T, hot. he is going to be very hot when he gets older. no, i dont hit on little boys. i just think this peter pan kid is hot for his age. ohh ill stop now. :) then the four of us decided to eat at chik fila. but before that, crystle and i decided to visit the sis at bath & body works and we bought some stuff since pearberry is going out of stock. :( so i stocked up on that shizazz. then we ate. and shae and caylyn left. and that was that.

    after crystle and i finished eating, we went to wally world on hull street to pick up some cds. then we went to the bowling place to meet up with matt and ben. a bird crew was there too. so that was fun. then the rest of the night we hung out with matt and ben. two word to sum it all up? VERY humerous. :) hilarious indeed. we also went to the wallyworld in chester too (the united nations of chester). and we saw: jeremy lorton. his friend cody. katy greenly. nick furnish. and some other kids.

    OH and i almost forgot. when we were leaving the bowl place, i wasnt paying attention to my surroundings as usual, but then, guess who walked in the door while we were walking out? ALEX INNES! :) he said that he was thinking about me today and that he had read my journal. i was actually thinking about him earlier also bc the other day blake was talking to me online and he said he was with alex. so. how ironic to see him last night.

    so... hi alex. :) i told you that since i saw you last night you would be added to the journal.

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