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LeAnne (glitterocknroll) wrote,
@ 2003-12-30 12:03:00
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    Current mood:they need a lovely
    Current music:get up kids..hmm...

    vanilla tea
    i love all sorts of tea. hot tea that is. one of my favorites, if not my favorite, is chai tea. that is de-lish. <3 im not sure if i like this vanilla tea yet though. hey. why dont you go buy some and drink it and tell me what you think.?

    hmm lets see. the last time i updated was saturday i do believe. so lets start with the updizzle forizzle de sundizzle: Scott and i went out to lunch to eat at the tropical smoothie place. actually, i got to changin' my mind and we ate at cici's instead. i noticed that scott gets 'normal' pizza. dont get me wrong, i love cheese and pepperoni. but i got pineapple/ham and supreme. i eat the supreme like it is, but with the ham i pick it off and then i eat some of the pineapple or just leave some on the pizza and eat it like it is. we also went cd shopping. it was very unsuccessful. but i got to make scott listen to my new cds that i got for christmas. i wont reveal what we listened to bc you dont know my secret loves of music. and i was going to go to my friend's party, but, my family was out to get me this night. "you have been out every night this whole break. i think you should stay in tonight" ...suga PLEASE! geez.

    monday it was pretty much sleep then just chillin. in the evening, my bo0gie, brittney breen came over and we exchanged christmas gifts. yes. we gave each other christmas gifts 5 days after. we cool, we cool. as part of my gift, she gave me handcuffs. ooo bo0o0o0gie.. :)

    as i was eating my mom's lovely spaghetti, my lover tori kistner called. so, after i ate, i ventured off to her house so we could check off the things from my illegal to do list for tori and myself. but, my list was too tricky and too hardcore criminal, so we ended up visiting crystle back. and ended up staying there. her bf was there. his lil bro. and marjorie. did i spell your name right? if not, lo siento. how is that for espanol? :) i havent seen marjorie in wholey foreverwruyewrjkdf.!! but anyyy glitter boo hoo...i had fun. we ate cinnamon rolls [cheese cake too]. and watched a movie. later benny wenny came too. then tori and i left and drove around and chatted and stalked people. and went back to her house. and we woke up this morning. ate. watched some tv. and shes getting her nails done later so i just came home and soo here i am..drinking some tea..i feel like rearranging my room so i think im going to do that. peaceeee suga

    and i just found the get up kids cd mix that michael dennis gave me when i was a freshman i do believe, and he was a sophmore. ohh how kids just grow up! :) sup myke.

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