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In Your Eyes.. (glassxhearted) wrote,
@ 2004-11-07 20:17:00
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    Current mood:confused
    Current music:naive orleans - anberlin

    saturday- haha funnnnnnyy ass time wid violet lmao. in newport wid u n ur brotha haha that was hilarious we were lightin a balloon on fire and then we got scared ran away and we dropped it n den we had to chase the balloon lmao and then we thought it wud explode and it just it was so funny cuz ppl were laughin at us.. omg. end of the night i was in da car and i yelled out the window.. " hey you with the shirt, who put an S in lisp, if your parents never had kidds chances are neither wil you, and watch out for the carriage! lol it was soo funny. and then the midgit we named seplit.. hes my boyfriend haha. umm next day?

    today- hung out wid mi brother all day just playin gta san andres or however u spell lol hes so funny. umm im in a lot of pain and have alot on my mind about something.. =/ so im guna go. buh bye.

    i love you emily.

    if we arent made to be then why does my heart tell mee that we are. <|3

    It'll Never Change..

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2004-11-11 14:09 (link)
Please learn how to use proper enlish, thank you!

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2004-11-11 20:22 (link)
please learn how to mind your own fucking buisness and stay out of peoples journals. Thank you! *smile*

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2004-11-12 21:27 (link)
omg where the hell r u?!?!?! well nvm.. ik where u r.. ur at ur MRI thing.. GET THE HELL BAC HEER CZ UR GOD DAMN JOEY IZ ALIV!!!.. lol.. awkward... no but reely.. hez alive n well, no worrys :D

n i herd the msg u left on mi answerin machine.. NOW WHOZ THE LOOSA?? was that denis 2? ''r we still on her machine?'' ''o shit we r''... omg i was lafin sooooo hard.. bi miself soo if sumbdy walkd in mi hous, id look soo crazy!!!

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Re: ...
2004-11-13 15:41 (link)
yay i kno!!. <3 im guna stay with hhim. 5 months!! =). i hope this is guna work. it has to.. right? x pecially if he moves near mee this month like he says! yess <3

love me =)

gota love me and denis's messages to you. AHHAHAHAHA * me* hello? *denis*

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