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Victoria (glassashes) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 23:08:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:ON THE PHONE

    Enough of all this bullshit.... whats done is done.... I dont need this crap.... I said what I needed to say.... And I dont care what anyone thinks about me.... THIS IS MY LIFE

    No one is going to take care of me like ME.... No one is going to love me like ME... No one is going to be there for ME but me.... and I'm talking about life here... I'm talking forever.... If I want something I'M going to get it.... I wont depend on anyone else... can anyone honestly say.... they can do all of these things for ME.... can you honestly be willing to give that much of yourself to anyone....... I CAN.... I HAVE.... and I will do it again when its the right person....and right now I dont see anyone worth that much of my time....

    I'm tired of trying to prove myself.... if you dont see it....if you dont believe me.... too bad....what can I do.... I refuse to chase.... I have been threw enough in my life then to want to sit here and deal with this baby shit.... and so I wont....

    I can be the greatest person to someone that shows me the same kind of love and attention that I show them.... but the min I feel hurt in anyway because of something they did..... I will change.....

    I was good... I didn't lie... I just didn't tell the whole truth... I didn't feel the need to be honest with someone who wasn't being honest with me.... why should I?.....

    This goes for Nick too...but there is a differnce.... unlike some ppl.... he shows he's willing to try no matter how many times I s push him away.... That i give him credit for, that takes alot of heart.... yes we are still friends.... and we always will be

    *this post isnt towards any of my friends...*

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Damn RIGHT!!!!
2004-03-18 10:53 (link)
Message to the dudes : "Too little too late".

I met both - no one is "worthy" of her love.

She has the biggest friggen heart of any friend I've ever had. Beyond the darkeness - underneah all of that coldness - there is a warm loving person. That warm loving person buried alive because of the dick wads she falls for.

Victoria is going through a extremely tough time. I've been there - more times than I care to explain. Let her be. she's a natural born bitch -- I mean survivor (oops LOL).


Vicky - MyLuv2u

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