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Victoria (glassashes) wrote,
@ 2004-02-26 12:02:00
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    Current music:JW

    This week has been on semi argument to another... no yelling just comments here and there... yes I'm talking about Drew and I... But it wouldn't have been so bad if some people would just mind their own fucken business. See what happens is they read people journals and what is clearly a joke, you know what I mean when its followed by (lol) and the part that is true is clearly stated before the joke, is over analyzed, and so they find themselves having to intrude because they have nothing better to do because they live their own life threw others. So Sad.... I know...

    I mean I would understand if they were there and knew everything that went on... The jokes, the comments, the innuendos, BUT NO... They don't!!. So its starts a random spat for no reason and I have to sit there and explain myself... Fuck that!!... I don't have the patience for it... The best part was, when it was brought up I had no idea what he was talking about... Isn't that great so I had to defend myself from and invisible enemy.

    Ahh well... it's all over... and all is well thus far... but I know better now... this is why you guys are getting the special treatment of locked posts....... THATS RIGHT YOU NOSEY SHIT........EVERYTHING I WRITE IS NOW BLOCKED... THIS WAS PUT HERE SPECIAL FOR YOU....AND ONLY MY FRIENDS CAN READ WHAT YOU DONT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND....SO FUCK OFF.


    "Anywho, tomarrow I'm working from 1:30 to 5:30. Thankfully, not too long of a day. I think I might take a nice nap when I get home and see what's going on. I called Erica but got no answer the other day. Since I've been working there's been no time to stay out late, and Vicky's been haveing her fun without me; what with Drew, and other... means of "entertainment". I have handed down my singledom lol. But muh, I'm getting the feeling where we're drifting apart and no one seems to care. I know I'm not aboutto call every other day and seem like the clingy wife. I already tried to make plans with her on Valentine's Dat but she made them with someone else and was on her way to get that someone else when I was just heading to work. Meh, whatever. I have too much of a headache to discuss this further. It doesn't matter much. It doesn't feel like it does, to anyone else anyway."


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2004-03-03 21:29 (link)
Keep my mouth shut?? Why shouldn't I tell my cousin his chick is a stupid whore?? Your just pissed cuz your dumb enough to tell his own blood your whore adventures.... Blood comes first! You think that people actually give a shit about your fuckin life? I havent read this till I was brought into it... Keep your legs closed next time or at least your big mouth... If this was such an issue you could have said this to my face, I infact was going to call you about this to see what the hell is your problem but" someone "wouldnt give me your number. Its not like I'm a stranger, you know how to reach me......The only "Piece of shit "I see is the lies and filth dripping out of your whore mouth

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2004-03-04 19:13 (link)
He did happen to say a few people said this to him....Nice Job..... I never said anyones name... nor did I point fingers in any direction....Its called Venting.... I say things to people for reasons.... apparently knowing it was going to come out sooner or later.... and if you knew EVERYTHING.... you would have known we weren't going out, so I wasn't "HIS CHICK" as you would call it....and I've told him this.... he knows it....we haven't been a couple since Oct. 2003....And Ever since you told him and we had that huge we are....ironic isn't it....I would have never guess it.......As for people giving a shit about my life.... I could careless....but you do....or this would not be happening....I didn't think it was an issue.... Drew did....he's the one that keeps bringing these things to my attention.... And I didn't lie about anything.... when he asked I what lies are yout talking about.... I would call me a whore too if i had cheated or something....but i was strings attached.... can't blame me for living my life

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Fatass..hoom babba, hoom babba...
2004-03-04 21:05 (link)
Listen vikki, you are a dumb fat whore. The only reason anyone is involved is becasue of Drew, not you. So don't think you're someone fucking special becasue you are worthless. Drew is important to us not you or your stupid gay ass life. Oh wait I'm sorry you're gothic right? yeah ICP rules. That's beside the point, what the point is, is that you are a dumb fat stupid whore in which bullshit just keeps rolling out of your mouth and Drew is the only one believing it. It would be great if you just left him alone and stopped being a parasite to him, it's like you're a buffalo and you graze off him. Good job losing the weight and gaining back 1.5 times as much. Your are such a fake, if only people knew how fake you are and your personality is. I know you're going to write back and say something like "Oh you're not shit because you didn't leave a name". But you know what it doesn't matter what you think becasue you have fat for brains. Nothing matters what you think, the only thing that does matter is what you're doing to Drew. Here's a little poem, "Vikki you're fat, You would eat a sewer rat, Do the atkins again, So you can fuck 4 more men, Drew won't know, Because you're a hoe, We know you're lame, And the only one to blame." P.S. You will die a lonely life.

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2004-03-05 07:50 (link)
I never said any of you are involved because of me or for me…. You people were never there before…. So its no loss now…. As for being a Parasite …. Never…. I never ask him for anything… nor do I ask him to get me anything…. I can get by on my own…. Unlike some penniless people …. Your name isn’t important to me, you haven’t said anything valid.…. The only bullshit here is coming from you….

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Re: Fatass..hoom babba, hoom babba...
2004-03-05 22:34 (link)
...Are you fucking kidding me?!

Listen little child. This has nothing to do with you. Do you know what that means? That means stay the fuck out of her business. I'm only getting involved myself because the comment you left was so insanely pathetic I had to put in my "two cents". (Aww shit, I typed "insane", ICP 4-eva! Choke on my penis.) Since telling your opinion even though NO ONE gives a shit about it is so popular nowadays, here is my opinion. You're an asshat. And yes, I can use 5th grade level insults because I can properly capitalize, punctuate, AND spell because! Wanna know something else? You might not know this... but Vicky can give two shits what you think! It's people like you who are the poster children for birth control and abortions. ("Props" to Mia for that one.) You still ARE nothing because you can't even leave your fucking name and you're actually thinking you can get somewhere by using that as an excuse for your... oh so creative "quip". If I were Drew I would be ashamed to have friends like you. I think it's adorable though. It's like you're trying to be witty and sarcastically caustic but you're failing miserably. Awww. Are you seriously past the age of 12? If you are, you really had me fooled. Good job! You get a gold star! You fucking bastard factory.

Vicky can be the next Divine Brown or Mother Theresa if she damn well pleases, but no matter what she does with her life, the sad truth is it will still NEVER be any of YOUR business. Just so you know, just because someone likes to wear black does not automatically fit them into a pre-set cliche. Does that mean since you can't seem to spell, punctuate, or write poetry correctly that you're the new songwriter for LFO? No. I think, nay, I KNOW it means that you're just an idiot. She isn't doing anything to Drew. If anyone here is to be under close scrutiny, it should be your "friend". But let's not get started on that. Ahh, parasitic? Is that why she has a job and pays ALL of her own bills? So not only are you mentally defected in the subject of general English usage, you are horrendously dense in the math department too. I pity your parents and any teachers (IF any) which may have been subjected to your insolence. Oh, and the whole venture on the "fat" slander? WOW. That was so fucking brutal, I'm feeling the burn from here. And by the way, the sarcasm in that comment was so thick you can wear it as a helmet to prevent any further damage to what's left of the functioning part of your brain. Though I highly doubt it would benefit you. In fact, I think if you took a couple more quick laps into the wall you might jumpstart some long dead brain cells.

And just so you know, YOUR is a possessive adjective. YOU'RE is a contraction of YOU ARE. Jesus Christ on a cracker; someone needs to slap you upside the head with an English textbook. HARD.


You should remember that name since your mother was screaming it all last night and keeping you awake... Oh wow, I'm so bad. :rolls eyes:

Finally, here's some poetry for YOU!

Stick my fist.

OK, it's not poetry but amazingly enough it's better than the shit you can come up with even though I just pulled that out of my ass. Man you suck.

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LMFAO!!!!!!!!! - glassashes, 2004-03-06 03:03:03

2004-03-09 01:08 (link)
Val you do realize that spelling or punctuating properly on a message board doesn't mean anything. Just because you're a person that needs to spell and punctuate properly every single time, there is something very wrong with you. Especially when you try to seem like your some intellectual and has done everything right in her life. You also made fun of Vikki with that comment because as you can tell she has no sentence structure, just fragments and uses the period mark excessively. Doesn't seem like proper grammar to me. I guess the bullshit hit you like a ton of bricks. I remember when you two hated each other and were bitter enemies. You deserve each other and no one else.

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2004-03-09 09:49 (link)
We not even talking about the same things anymore.....leave my dots alone I get bitched at from her for them don't worry....................................................ha...........................................and yes we did hate each other we've talked about that....oh look something else thats none of your concern....I know I'm right on the subject that matters....or I wouldn't have these off topic, mindless rants in here

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final comment
2004-03-09 16:28 (link)
I wonder if Val knows about a certain someone that you slept with...

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Sitting Comfortably
2004-03-09 22:50 (link)
Say whatever you want.... I'm not worried

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one more final comment
2004-03-10 10:33 (link)
You should be worried about your cholesterol level and your morbid obesity.

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2004-03-10 11:49 (link)
Nope... I'm still happy.... try again

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Re: STILL SMILING - (Anonymous), 2004-03-11 10:41:48
Re: STILL SMILING - glassashes, 2004-03-11 19:43:18
Re: STILL SMILING - (Anonymous), 2004-03-11 20:39:25
Re: STILL SMILING - devilgirl1283, 2004-03-12 08:27:16
Re: STILL SMILING - hotmamafua, 2004-03-14 12:46:20
Re: STILL SMILING - (Anonymous), 2004-03-16 17:40:30
Re: STILL SMILING - hotmamafua, 2004-03-15 13:02:44
Re: STILL SMILING - glassashes, 2004-03-15 20:44:47
Re: STILL SMILING - hotmamafua, 2004-03-16 14:29:11

I like haveing the last word it is what i do best.
2004-03-16 17:23 (link)
As for this being over it is not over. It is just on the back burner. This is where we will decide if our Love for each other was real or just words. I know i ment it, Hell i still mean it. But fealings are useless when Trust is not their. And yes we lost that trust. This is one of the main reasons I belive we are not togather any longer. I mean how can you be with each other if you do not trust each other. Anwser you can't inpossible. I will admit i did lie i did go to boston to meet up with a girl. That is fact no lies. Did we have sex "NO". I mean for those of you who really know me you would know that me getting laid is not hard.. So why in hell would i travel all the way up to Boston to get some when i could get some from the next town over. I mean think about it. I mean I understand that this is a Polish town and all, but come on people use some brain cells...

Now with what she did well i will leave most of it out, mostly to protect thier life and or manly hood for that maner. But as i was saying the only one that did cheat and admit to cheating was vickie. But then again was it cheating? I mean were we togather. I know i am not the best person in the world to judge on this from my pass but still this is where i am putting my two cents in. I mean at least i can say while Vickie and i were going out i stayed 100% faithfull to her. Granted i had issues on talking on the commputer to other women but i mean it is not as bad as talking to an ex on the phone or on the computer. And this was know as a problem before any of the lying was taken place. But as said before it is not over. It can never be over. Now does that mean i am going to go and call up vickie every week to see how she is doing and if i know she is seeing someone make sure i call while he is around. "NO" Because unlike some people i am a grown up only thing to say to them is maybe you should try it some time and see what you have been missing.

As for the rest of my people i thank you for not makeing this into a Blood bath. But some control would have been nice too. Funy thing is we all started off as friends then we resort to this name bashing bullshit. Now am i going to say my people started it no i am not. Am i going to say that vickies crew started it. No becuase what is done is done and it is time we leave well enough alone. I mean who really cares who fired the first shot, only that the last shot has been fired, and the most inportant thing of all it was from the only gun that mattered.

Ps To all of her crew stay well and happy To Mia " sorry to miss your daughters birthday never did get a chance to say it to you but she looks a lot like her mother Bella." To chrissy well even thou i know she never reads this because she has no commputer hooked up as of yet, Forget the losser you lost he is not worth your tears but look towards the furture and yes i do mean paul he is a good guy i have know him for a long time. "Makes a stubid comment every once in a while" but then again who does not. Val well what can i say about val no lie that we do not talk that often if at all and hell we really do not see eye to eye on all that much probly because she is short and i am tall, but what we did have in common was haveing a really good friend, just with me it went a little further. "I hope" but who knows. I leave you with my favorite Quote from a song what it has to do with all this i am not sure but i really do not know how to end letters all that well. So to quote Blood for Blood " They say when a man losses hope he becomes an animal, I think I have lost hope."

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Re: I like haveing the last word it is what i do best.
2004-03-17 01:02 (link)
let me start off by stating my name.. hi its Lorelei... ive been reading this journal drama as of yesterday.. i wouldve stayed out of it but we got a lil' problem... drew gave his blessing to chrissy and paul.. and called Paul her "new" guy...
ya see chrissy is NOT with paul.. Paul is NOT with chrissy.. they banged.. true.. once and only once.. he doesnt like her like that.. he was drunk.. shit happens.. and if paul was completely honest bout everything he told me than he told chrissy *he wasnt ready for sumthing*... me and paul have been on and off for bout a year now.. and this last week has been an ON.. yes an ON... so there will be no chrissy and paul.. juuuuuuuust thought i'd clear that up for you Drew.. and ummm.. about Pauls stupid comment.. "dont take it personal chrissy he says that to everyone.. its like his famous saying or sumthing, it wasnt meant directly to you or on a personal level... he told me what he said, he's not that kind of guy.. he wouldnt deliberately hurt you.. he defends u everytime i make an assumption about you doin that kind of stuff..
but drew's assumption is waaaaaaaaaaay more off than mine... THERE IS NO CHRISSY AND PAUL!!!!

as for the rest of this journal drama... Anonymous posters SUCK!!!!

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I HAVE THE LAST WORD IN MY NEW ENTRY - glassashes, 2004-03-17 10:05:40
Re: I HAVE THE LAST WORD IN MY NEW ENTRY - (Anonymous), 2004-03-17 11:59:44
Re: STFU NOOB =) - (Anonymous), 2004-03-17 12:25:40
Re: STFU NOOB =) - glassashes, 2004-03-17 23:43:33
The infamous Kristy finally speaks... - hotmamafua, 2004-03-23 22:15:49

Re: I like haveing the last word it is what i do best.
2004-03-17 22:14 (link)
drew bro comeon your problem with me started with me but you took it out on vicky please man i didnt call her becasue i knew she was there i didnt ask her if she was still with you u gotta work on that shit man... your really not tough and i was not talkin shit i dont know where u are and i dont think that you want me too im not talkin shit no slander jsut truth your people are being childish with thier little words and shit cmon and the worse part is that your lettin it happen so whos the real man ex or not i still care for vicky we are friends thats it thats all i still talk to my exes even when we were dating and she had no problem with that and she was still chillin with her exes and i had no problem with that but thats because there was an adult like situation we handled it like adults thats the difference between me and you now say u have no problem gettin pussy but obviously u have a problem keepin it me and vicky broke up cuz i fucked up and u know what im still sorry for that i mean if i didnt fuck up then we would prolly still be together and then and her would have never started so she could not have been hurt by u and been pt down by all your scumbag people... i mean your such a good man and this and that but to let your friends talk about the woman u loved or liked or whatever thats jsut fuckin bad and your more of a scumbag then they are i dont talk shit i talk truth look at yourself please jsut think about the situation and u will see whats goin on i mean really think dont read this get all huffy talk shit to me cuz im an hour and a half away but i got the money and ill put it where my mouth is and ill even come alone see what kinda man u really are please dont make that mistake well with this i leave this post and please drew think about things see its not that i wanted u two to break up or fight or whatever but i care about vicky and i jsut wanted her to be happy but u fucked that up man so im gone now on that note


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Yaaaawwwwwnnnnnnn....................... - (Anonymous), 2004-03-18 16:07:07
HE KNOWS WHAT HE KNOWS....CUZ I TELL HIM - glassashes, 2004-03-19 10:04:28

Whoa, for a second there, I thought we were all mature adults. My bad.
2004-03-18 08:30 (link)
This has been old the second some nosy little shit misinterpreted (You know who you are and unfortunately I do too) what I wrote in MY journal. None of this shit matters to anyone but Vicky and Drew! Now all these other people are involved, and to be honest; it's really quite sad. Don't all of you have a hobby to pass your time with other than nosing into other people's business? Just thought I'd get that out.

P.S. I distinctly remember daring that anonymous asshole to keep trying. That's exactly what I thought.

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2004-03-18 09:58 (link)
It doesn't matter anymore.... they tried to bring me down, with all they had, and failed....

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Re: MATURE ADULTS!!!! WHERE!!???!! - (Anonymous), 2004-03-18 10:20:19
Re: MATURE ADULTS!!!! WHERE!!???!! - glassashes, 2004-03-19 10:24:50
Re: MATURE ADULTS!!!! WHERE!!???!! - devilgirl1283, 2004-03-19 16:36:50
Re: MATURE ADULTS!!!! WHERE!!???!! - glassashes, 2004-03-19 23:17:57
Re: MATURE ADULTS!!!! WHERE!!???!! - hotmamafua, 2004-03-19 23:59:41

the anonymous ass hole has spoken
2004-03-19 09:59 (link)
The anonymous ass hole is on vacation...he'll be back soon though!

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Re: the anonymous ass hole has spoken - hotmamafua, 2004-03-20 00:04:34
Asshole is one word - glassashes, 2004-03-20 00:09:15
Re: Asshole is one word - hotmamafua, 2004-03-20 00:17:20
Re: Asshole is one word - glassashes, 2004-03-22 11:25:39

Fatass..hoom babba, hoom babba...
2004-03-21 15:37 (link)
holy shit people, i haven't posted anything since march 9th and i was hoping that would be the last time because frankly i don't give a shit about vikki, val, and mia. You can all rot in hell for all i care. i just checked this stupid ass shit comment site because someone asked me too. From what i read vikk, val, mia, and whomever else is on vikki's side but nick are complete assholes. if you want this to end so badly then just close the fucking comment section on this!!! you keep draggin this on by leaving the posting. you all think you're so fucking special, val thinks she's a fucking intellectual, vikki thinks shes a good person and mia thinks shes not a whore! oh yeah and val by the way you did cheat on someone when you were going out with them so dont pretend to be some fucking angel when you are not. This whole thing is too ridiculous, next time i see vikki or val i will tell you cunt's off because you're worhtless, you give no meaning to life or existence at all. and yes you are a cow and val just a dumb ass whore like vikki is too. for some reason i type in bikki by accident, i guess that's because she's like a razor sharp and to the point! yeah fucking right. you are all blind to the reality of what is actually going on what these girls are like, yes i said girls because you act like immature slut schoolgirls. grow the fuck up and finally see reality and when you do it will it you like a hammer from hell and you will sink into morbid depression and either kill yourselves ::prays that happens to them:: or just become bigger whores and afraid to face the facts. i can't wait to see what you cunts post next, no actually i don't give two shits what you bitches think because you mean nothing to me or the rest of the world at all. may you all rot in your morbidity and get pissed on by satan and god. neither of them would accept you.

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Re: My cock in your mouth..... - hotmamafua, 2004-03-21 23:02:16
Re: Fatass..hoom babba, hoom babba... - morbid_memories, 2004-03-22 08:11:15
WEASEL!!! - glassashes, 2004-03-22 11:19:00
Re: Fatass..hoom babba, hoom babba... - hotmamafua, 2004-03-22 22:58:00
Re: Fatass<<-- Yes I lied ...your face hasn't changed - glassashes, 2004-03-22 11:04:24
You're still a loser and that's sad - devilgirl1283, 2004-03-22 17:44:25

Little Children
2004-03-22 20:06 (link)
Seriously guys this has got to stop.. Let it go already.
drebin- looks like your a little late. you came in the game on the bottom of the ninth.. Games Over dude.. on a serious note.. NOBODY is worthless.. and your out of like tellin people to kill themselves.. that just shows your ignorance as well..
why does lorelei feel the need to put in her 2 cents?? cuz as most of you probably know.. Lorelei Loves Drama. and well this is just too good to pass up.. but come on guys.. your repeating the same shit over and over.. is Vickys weight the only thing you've got against her?? how does that show were character.. be more creative.. 48 posts later and the only thing i heard is Vickys fat and that she's a whore.. Dude.. define whore! cuz if Vicky and Val are whores than so am i and about 98% of everyone else i know.. and if Vicky is soooOOooo damn fat then whats it too you who she's fuckin?? apparently her being a whore (and bein able to get laid) cancels out the argument of her weight.. okay so now that we're back to square one.. what else could you possibly have against Vic?
she was seeing other people while she was seeing drew.. Ha Ha.. and your point?? we're they goin out? NOPE.. once again back to square one.. still have nothing on her...
okay.. whats that you said?? *worthless*.. obviously you found her worth YOUR time to type your insults in her Drama Trapped Journal.. sO she was obviously *WORTH* 10minutes of your time [while your throwing out insults beyond insults]...
so this time say it with me... *BACK TO SQUARE ONE* here's what you should do.. sit home tonite.. take out a pen and paper and come up with something new. something that hasnt been said 48 times in 48posts.. be original, be creative.. but most of all.. be a MAN!! chill out with the KILLING YOURSELF bit.. that shit isnt funny.. and it doesnt say much for YOUR character....

P.S. and leave Val alone.. that girl doesnt do anything to ANYONE!

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Re: Little Children - hotmamafua, 2004-03-22 23:14:50
Re: Little Children - xp3rfectionx, 2004-03-23 00:51:02
Re: Little Children - hotmamafua, 2004-03-23 21:21:43
Re: Little Children - glassashes, 2004-03-23 21:54:05

2004-03-23 23:13 (link)
i never denied saying what i said to Paul

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lasdjflkajsglkjdf - xp3rfectionx, 2004-03-23 23:28:35
Re: lasdjflkajsglkjdf - devilgirl1283, 2004-03-24 09:13:47
Re: lasdjflkajsglkjdf - glassashes, 2004-03-24 09:56:56
Re: lasdjflkajsglkjdf - hotmamafua, 2004-03-24 15:11:16

2004-03-24 11:43 (link)
they way i posted the conversation is exactly how it went.. Paul knew i said it.. i just didnt consider it a scene.. that would be the only part i didnt agree with..

its a 180 not a 360 ((just thought i'd mention that))

your welcome Val =)

so heres the real deal. i hated kristy.. i really did. she slept with the guy ive been goin thru hell with for a year now. so natural reaction *hate the girl*.. we all do it.. we dont hate the guy, (or at least not at first), its always the chicks fault first.. but Paul swore it was only once, swore he was trashed, swore it would never happen again.. Told me he loved ME and didnt like her, bla bla bla.. calls me in the middle of the nite on Friday asking if he could come over.. one thing leads to another and you *know what happens*... then this whole journal thing happens and you tell me the story how he told Kristy he wanted to be with her, he got jealous over her etc.. so Lorelei (me) looks around and notices... I'VE BEEN PLAYED AGAIN!!! yea again.. could i have expected any different from Paul? guess not..
it was my bad taking it out on Kristy..cuz in all reality, he just might have played her too.. (im not sure if she knows that he and i were *You Know* that entire weekend).. if he told her than i guess he's got alot more respect for her than me.. but if he didnt tell her, than she's just as fuct as i am... [ either way it doesnt matter. im aware of the paul/kristy situation now. she could have him, i just wouldnt recommend it ]
i may die alone.. but it beats the hell out of bein hurt by Paul anymore.. Hope ur friend knows what she's getting herself into =/

apparently my presence on this journal thingy makes many unhappy.. deleting the old journal again =) its been fun

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(no subject) - glassashes, 2004-03-25 00:07:21

Hate the Girl??
2004-03-24 15:32 (link)
You and Paul are mental.

What the fuck would ya hate her for??? Hate him!!!!! He said he loved you. He lied - how is that her fault???

You are fighting over a guy who doesn't even love you. OH YEAH - THAT MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!

If Diane or Lisa or Connie did that to you - I'd expect you to get pissed cause thats fuked up - but you have no idea who this girl is.

Intellegence is not one of your stong points. Especially when it comes to Paul. A YEAR ON AND OFF and you're gonna fight for him. WOULD HE DO THAT FOR YOU????????????

I don't care if your married for 80 years - NEVER EVER FIGHT OVER A GUY!!! No penis os woth that much. GET A GODAMNED DILDO!!! No one will ever use it - it'll be yours forever. It won't cheat on you - or lie to you.


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Kristy Speaks
2004-03-24 15:33 (link)
The infamous Kristy finally speaks...
2004-03-23 22:15 (link)
Yes, that's right...this is the "slut" from the Shamrock's bathroom...I'm sorry, but I've been so preoccupied with having a life that I had absolutely no time to join in on this parade of moronic babble. Yes, I slept with Paul, was twice. And yes, I am well aware that we are not together. I am also well aware that someone needs to mind her own business when it comes to my life, especially since she knows nothing about me, other than the fact that I was with Paul when she wanted to be, but that is not my fault. I didn't twist his arm, I didn't take advantage of his drunken state, I didn't purposely hurt someone that I don't even know. But wait, doesn't Lorelei have a different guy all the time??? Who were the guys I've seen her with? Funny, they didn't look like Paul to me. If Lorelei cares about Paul sooo much, why would she sleep around on him? Why would she make him feel like shit and then use him whenever she's lonely because her pitiful existence sunk in with the alcohol she consumed whilst starting shit at a bar because she needs to make other people feel like shit in order to like herself... Why could that be? All Paul talks about is having no drama in his life...He doesn't have drama, he has Lorelei.

Anyway, if Paul wants to be with Lorelei, I wish him luck, because based on what he has told me about her, I should have allowed Vicky to kick her ass that night, but I have some decency.. I won't let my life become that meaningless that I can drop everything to fight some girl that is obviously jealous of me, not that there is really anything to be jealous of...but oh well. We all have to look up to something, don't we?

On a last note, if Paul reads this, I just want you to know, that even if you get pissed at me for speaking my mind...I had to do it. I'm not saying anything to get anyone in trouble, just what I've seen. And as far as I know, I'm entitled to my opinion.

***cheers to no drama*** ~ St. Patty's Day

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2004-04-01 17:02 (link)
Wow jsut when u think its safe to get on the net that the drama is over that this is all ended here we go again... Kristy go for it u dont know me i dont know u whatever but hey paul seemed like a cool kid and all and well lori she jsut seemed a lil psycho where u think his paranoia came from bt whatever i dont u lori jsut let it go u two aint together nomore so whats the big thing let them be happy or sad or whatever jsut let her find out for herself how he is if it werks congratulations if it dont im sorry theres more fish in the sea but whatever happens it should be thier own descision not yours i mena all of you are like this drama is rediculous but once one issue is resolved here comes another one... but i jsut stopped by here to say whats up pple thats all no more no less and i figured while i was here id throw in my two cents... how female of me haahaa... talkt o you all later bye

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