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Me!!! (glaciercrow) wrote,
@ 2012-07-02 06:18:00
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    Wet June
    June wettest on record for Juneau
    It was a record wet June in Juneau.

    That's the word from Meteorologist Pete in the Juneau Forecast Office.

    He says the total rainfall for the month was a whopping 6.69 inches which is 3.45 inches above normal.

    June breaks the previous record of 6.22 inches set in 1996.

    The National Weather Service has kept records at Juneau's airport since 1943.

    The most precipitation for a 24 hour period was 1.82 inches on June 27.

    The forecaster says there were only two days in June that did not receive measurable precipitation.

    After a cold May, temperatures finally reached into the 60's on June 4th for a few days.

    There was a three day span from the 22nd to the 24th of high temperatures ranging from 77 to 82 degrees.

    Even with those days, the average high temperature for June was only 57.5 which is 4.7 degrees below normal.

    There was one record broken for the low daily maximum temperature. The high on the 14th was only 48 degrees. The previous record for that date set in 1949 was 50 degrees.

    Low temperatures were just 1.1 degrees below average at 45.8 degrees.

    The average daily temperature was 51.7, 2.9 degrees below normal.

    The winds for June were primarily out of the southeast at an average speed of 6.7 miles per hour.

    The highest wind of the month came on the 24th with a peak speed of 37 miles per hour from the southeast. It hit 30 miles per hour out of the southeast on the 21st.

    The winds were primarily out of the southeast at an average speed of 6.7 miles hour.

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2012-07-02 20:11 (link)
Any chance you could share some of that moisture with Colorado? :o
Hugs, Jon

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2012-07-10 01:55 (link)
If there was only a way. All we can do is bottle it up as drinking water and ship it out.

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