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Me!!! (glaciercrow) wrote,
@ 2011-11-19 21:16:00
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    TM with Suzette
    9:43am her: We only hv 2 players today.
    9:43am me: You and Patty?
    9:44am her: Debbie n I.
    9:46am me: I'm surprised Patty can't play.
    9:48am her: That's what debbie told me. Will text her, who is the other player?
    9:49am me: Her name is Debra. Carmen might have her number.
    9:51am her: Just texted her.
    9:51am me: Okay. We have 3 players, too
    9:56am her: Can Guss sub?
    9:57am me: Absolutely
    9:57am her: Let me text her
    9:59am her: How much does she need to pay?
    9:59am me: It's 25
    10:02 am her: That's the whole total?
    10:02am her: Game n sub fee?
    10:02am me: 15 for national and 10 for week
    10:05am her: Is that a one time fee or will it always be 25?
    10:06am me: The national is once. This it's 5 til JBA is paid.
    10:09am her: What if Guss Milton wants to joib my team, how much would that cost for her?
    10:09am me: Standard 40
    10:11am her: Plus $10 for the game. Correct?
    10:11am me: Yes :) good job
    10:12am her: K, i;m waiting for her decision. Will text u as soon as she decides.
    10:13am me: Otay, Suzette.
    10:13am her: We playing at the Vikings?
    10:14am me: I think so
    10:14am her: She is in! A new member in my team from last year. C u guys at 4. We have 3 players :)
    10:14am me: Awesome!
    10:16am me: You guys are home team
    10:17am her: Thank u sis :) i will c u guys at 4 :)
    10:17am me: Yay! See you then

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