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Me!!! (glaciercrow) wrote,
@ 2012-03-08 12:13:00
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    weekend catch up (even this is late!)
    So much to catch up and I think I never will!! So just some quick notes.

    Boo changed her mind about not playing in the Classics. I think she regretted doing that. Her little one was demanding on daddy, who kept asking her when she was coming home. What sucked on Wednesday was she couldn’t go home until the tournament director finally decided there was not enough time to play her second match. She was so upset that she had to wait 5 hours to find that out.

    Thursday was 9 ball. Friday was 8 ball. Saturday was Scotch Doubles and women’s all the way to finals. Richie Orem was back from Fairbanks. Colleen came back to play. And won. Charlie Skultka got a little drunk and was a bit obnoxious during the first part of the last match, but we got that straightened out. No Jim Scudero as his wife had an aneurism the week before the tournament.

    Dave Estes passed away Monday the 5th. Died of a heart attack. So heartbreaking. Such a good man. I cried instantly when I was told.

    I spend 2 and a half hours cleaning the kitchen last night. 3 bags of trash. Going to talk to Jess and Gina on Sunday night, I think. When Jess isn’t working a double shift. Have to sit them down and explain to them AGAIN that it is time for them to go. The fact that Gina was asking to put a DVR in their room and they would be willing to pay half of the cable bill indicates to me that she has no intention of moving out anytime soon.

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