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Maliciant One (girlycue) wrote,
@ 2004-10-15 13:11:00
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    Time to get Gorgeous
    *Flown on a plane: Yea
    * Ever been so drunk you blacked out: No
    * Tried drugs: Hehe good times children
    * Missed school because it was raining:Haha no but becuase the wind was blowing to hard...yea about that
    * Told a girl that you liked them: No
    * Put a body part on fire for amusement:No
    * Dated someone older than you: Yea
    * Dated someone younger than you: No,well Carl but that was like 6 months difference
    * Had a crush on a friends girlfriend: No
    * Been hurt emotionally: Yea
    * Kept a secret from everyone: Like once
    * Had an imaginary friend: No
    * Ever thought an animated character was hot?: No
    * Been on stage: Ya
    * Cut your own hair: Ya
    * Had crush on a teacher? No
    * Sworn your love? I have
    * Felt so good you could die? Indeed
    * Believed you were going insane? Yea in detention last year
    * Been dumped?yes


    * Shampoo: Dove
    * Favorite color(s): Sunny Yello and Red plaid
    * Day/Night: Night
    * Summer/Winter: aummer/Fall
    * Cartoon Character: Lisa Simpson
    * Favorite Food: German food
    * Favorite Advertisement: The Old Navy history commercial::LETS STUDY !
    * Favorite Drink: Diet Coke
    * Person to talk to online: Chris,Dyl ,Lind-Z and Meg
    * Favorite Sport: Lacrosse
    * Favorite Car: 2004 Audi A4

    -----------------RIGHT NOW------------------

    * Wearing: Sweatshirt..Pants
    * Eating: Nothing
    * Drinking: nothing
    * Thinking about: About Saturday...and how chris is coming down and just chris in general and about all the suckas in school right now
    * Listening to: Dope-Bitch

    ---------------IN THE LAST 48 HRS------------------

    * Cried: No
    * Worn Jeans: Yea
    * Done Laundry: yea
    * Drove a car: no
    * Talked on the phone: yea
    * Kissed Someone: nope
    * Done more than kissed: no
    * Committed a crime: no
    * Got caught committing a crime: no
    * "Sinned": no
    * Hacked: no
    * Told someone to kiss your ass: no
    * Did they?: no
    * Said "I love you":yes
    * Meant it?: definitely

    ---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------

    * Yourself: Most of the time
    * Your friends:I do
    * Santa Claus: It would be a great world if he was real
    * Tooth Fairy: Shes my buddy :)
    * Destiny/Fate: I do
    * Angels:eh...the ones heaven sends ?
    * Ghost: yea
    * UFO's: if I saw one I would
    * God: Dont believe in "god" but in a God

    --------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------

    * Do you ever wish you had another name? I like my name
    * Do you like anyone? I do
    * Which of your friends acts the most like you? Lind-Z,Dyl or Chris
    * Which of your friends could you tell anything to? Chris
    * Which of your friends have you known the longest? Meg
    * Who's the loudest? Lind-Z this question was like made for her !

    ------------FINISH EACH SENTENCE-------------

    * Let's walk on the: Earth
    * Let's run through: the land
    * What a nice: Butt
    * Let's look at the: button
    * Where did all these: geese come from ?
    * When will they: screw ? ((as in go away
    * Why can't you: screw ?
    * Silly, little: muffin ! I love Lind-Z
    * Show me some: love
    * The sky is: Purple tonight ((I love you
    * Tell me: If you love me
    * Hide me: from all these people
    * Love me:like i love you
    * I love: Chris
    * My mom thinks: I am sad

    QUIZ ****** 2

    Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
    1. eyes
    2. personality
    3. witt
    4. smile
    5. attitude
    6. sense of humor
    7. respect

    Top seven things you say most (in no particular order):
    1. Son of a mother !!
    2. Fuck
    3. Screw
    4. Way to keep up kids
    5. Ello govna
    6. Rawr
    7. mother fucker

    Have you/Do you:
    Smoke? weed yes
    Read the newspaper?everyday
    Pray? Yea
    Been in love? I have
    been skinny dipping? yea
    Had surgery? yup
    Swam in the dark: Good times ;)
    Been to a Bonfire: Yea
    Got Drunk: a little
    Ran away from home? Did
    Played strip poker? yea
    Gotten beaten up?:Havent
    Beaten someone up?Ive hurt someone not beat up
    Slept outdoors? Yes
    Pulled an all nighter? Yes
    If yes, what is your record? 48 hours
    Made out with a stranger? No
    Been on radio/TV? Yea
    Been in a mosh-pit? Yea
    Been to a party? of course
    Gotten lost in the woods?haha yea

    In the last 24 Hours have you...
    Cried? no
    Bought something? yes
    Gotten sick? yes
    Sang? Yes
    Eaten? Yes
    Been kissed? no
    Felt stupid? no
    Wanted to tell someone you love them, but you didn't? I did but theyre at work:( --sad face
    Talked to an ex? no
    Had a serious talk? yes
    Missed someone? Yes
    Hugged someone? Yup
    Argued with a parent(s)? no

    Social Life
    Girlfriend? nope
    Boyfriend? yea
    Like being around people?Not alot of people
    Shy/Loud? loud

    Current Mood? tired
    Current Taste? mouth
    Current Annoyance? computers
    Current DVD In Player? Interview with the vampires and Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind ((Go rent that or buy
    Current Worry? Chris

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