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Miss Nina (girly_underwear) wrote,
@ 2004-12-09 16:25:00
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    I'm back again! haha!

    Today marks the anniversary of Michael and me. I forgot how many months, but its been wonderful and also a pain in the ass. haha.. what i meaning to say is that the fact is we had to adjust from being friends to being what we are now. its been hard trying to adapt and accept each others bad qualities, but overall, we love each other and that is good enough for the both of us to stay together. :*)

    My friends always ask me "Nina, are you happy?" and what do I say, "DuRr!" haha! No one needs to know about how I am feeling or how I'm doing. Thats just my own personal problem that only I can deal with.. So if you're wondering if I'm happy.. my response to you is "fuck off." lol!

    OmFg.. guess what ya'll.. ok I was in a rush to send my brother and sister to school ok.. and I just got done taking a shower and i was walking to my room.. then i turn around to close the door when I got in and i smashed my finger into the door.. that was stupid.. to top it off.. I was then coming back into my room, for no apparent reason, and i turned around thinking "WTF?" and bam.. I smacked my head into the wall.. That was retarted huh? lmfao! Yes its stupid. All my co-workers said so.. wait until I tell hunnie, He'll laugh his ass off.

    Ok enough updates.. Oh yeah.. Happy (Belated) Birthday to one of my girlfriends.. I love you Sarah!

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