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girlsfighting77 (girlsfighting77) wrote,
@ 2010-08-12 00:46:00
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    Young lady Fights - The net Media Effect
    The huge increase of fighting clips across the web has finally captured the attention of the mainstream news, in the form of a FOX news reports on the enormous number of videos of women fights on the web. It's about time these videos reached the interest of more individuals.

    The piece, entitled "Teen-On-Teen Girl Combats Sweeping Internet", analyzes how an increasing number of fights amongst girls are taking place in colleges throughout the nation, with 80% of reported school fights being female vs female.

    Footage of actual fights from minor altercations to dangerous gang-fights are easily discovered on Youtube these days, and any minor who opens up a Youtube account telling lies regarding what their age is get access to this footage.

    The article puts forth the concept that observing such videos (not only on Facebook, but on quite a few other sites too) can make minors much more prone to engage in like-minded behavior mainly because there are numerous men and women who will do anything to "get famous". I am going to estimate there is certainly much more to it than that. Just lately a friend confided in me that young ladies in america and Canada are almost conditioned to hate one another. It's possible what she actually stated was that young women are trained to be really competitive with one another, to put down other young women. She said that one female can almost never believe in what comes out of another girl's mouth if, for instance, that girl provides a compliment. As an example, she stated that if a woman says "I like your shirt," it might indicate that this girl detests her piece of clothing, or that she's jealous because she would like to have the shirt or piece of clothing, or it could also suggest that she truly does like the piece of clothing being discussed.

    This close friend noticed that merely the word of close, genuine good friends might be honest. This was most definitively an epiphany for me personally, because as a guy I had usually believed that girls got along quite well. Apparently, if girl fights are any suggestion, this ill will that's tended to fester under the surface is currently beginning to come out in unpleasant and violent ways progressively more. Should you truly want ugly, look at the video clips of women gang battles; most of these go even a greater distance in terms of physical agression.

    Is there something that could be done?

    Just about the most unsettling things about most of these videos is that someone needed to be there filming it, and they do nothing to stop girls fighting and various brutal encounters. Oftentimes, this really is rather unacceptable as grown up males in many cases are present for the duration of these kind of fights. They have the power to isolate the girls, call up the police, any variety of things. Yet taking a fast look at some video clips helps make it apparent that bystanders are receiving some type of twisted enjoyment from observing two people trying to physically hurt each other. Frequently, they'll even come up with motivating remarks or laugh at the girls fighting. I've left a comment on the inappropriate conduct of bystanders before in other articles, and it would seem much more unreasonable when young women are involved.

    But since girl fights are fast-becoming a really serious social issue, it's up to every member of society to undertake their part.

    The MSNBC document I mentioned within the intro comprises guidance from school officials on the best way to move forward in terms of preventing their very own kids from participating in minor street fights. The only truly helpful tip they offered was for mom and dad to speak with their kids about the matter. It's rather funny too, mainly because they help make the point that you ought to ask a good deal of questions, instead of simply specifically forbidding your children to do it. That's some reliable parenting advice that is applicable to numerous areas of youngsters' day-to-day lives. It is been said oftentimes that it's essential for parents to speak with their children, and to remember that one half of communicating can encompass listening what your child has to say! As a parent, I have found that teens (my child, at the very least) really do pay attention if you take enough time to slowly and properly describe exactly why they should or should not do something. Needless to say, this document will likely be preaching to the choir as I'm convinced most parents who currently have balanced conversation with their teenagers don't need to worry about their children, particularly girls fighting videos and agression which will be submitted over the internet.

    One worthless tip they gave would have been to tell teens to report any "improper" video clips like that will do things any better. Even if they did, the clips would just be flagged as not appropriate for kids, and minors can still view these with quite easily. That is just Metacafe as well as other popular web-sites; there are probably hundreds of other sites that provide clips of girl fights as entertainment.

    I'm sure that, as usual, this love of physical violence is a characteristic of much deeper issues. There's no doubt that that to really transform things, we like a contemporary society have to do some adjustments on non-physical violence. Let us analyze Gandhi in school, rather than glorify violence in motion pictures and print?

    Lest we forget, Gandhi freed the most populated countries in the entire world from the domination of the world's most significant empire at that time, and he made it happen in a non violent way!! Each and every time I consider this, I'm amazed by the true love and force of heart that made this feasible. Let's concentrate on Actual power, the power to try and do good and guide all members of modern society. Kids particularly need to obtain the message that "being somebody" just isn't about being able to control and bully (or at least it should never be about that).

    Image samples of Girls Fighting and Instances which ought to be Held back:

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