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* (girlafraid) wrote,
@ 2003-03-20 14:40:00
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    Current mood:lazy.

    i cant bring myself to say it, it's my own advice i need
    youre not bigger than this. not better. why cant you learn?

    i need to do two essays today or else i'll fail art & english. i'm the worst person ever at doing essays. i procrastinate {what do you think i'm doing now?}, get easily distracted, and panick because i don't know what to do. the art one is already about three months late. i just need motifuckingvation.

    calum is treating jess like utter shit and it makes me so angry, so so angry. does he derive some sick pleasure from telling her how much she sucks or something? right now i'd be perfectly happy never having to see him again. not because he's done anything to me but because, well, he's a fucktard. an utter fucktard. fucktard being a cross between a fuckwit, a bastard and a retard. but that's not going to happen while i'm still friends with his friends and so on. i was going to try and get jess' stuff back but it doesn't look like i'll manage. oh, and he's boring too.

    fleur is being really bitchy and two faced to sarah. she's making everyone hate her and stuff. i think it's horrid. she needs to stop being so self-obsessed. i don't want to get involved though. because i do like fleur.

    my bum is numb;i think i'll do my essays downstairs rather than in my bed. bye.

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2003-03-20 10:34 (link)
I hear ya in the fact of being a procrastinator...I have 15 assignments that are due in a week tomorrow...and yes I have only started 5/15 thats horrible!! I need some motivation too!! And too think I would have thoughts because I am in college...and Im paying big money to come here and after one more year I wont need to attend to school anymore.....grr, who even knows anymore!! But after, I know I will feel sooo GOOD, but having all this work completed!! Only 4 more weeks left for me than I get about 5 months off for summer vacation, YAH, but I really need a job so Im not bored...meh, who knows...sorry for talking about me soo much!!

JUST DO IT!! Thats what I always say....I dunno! Just look out for the goodness that the future holds with an education...thats the best advice I got for u todaY!! GOOD LUCK!!!

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2003-03-20 10:49 (link)
hehe, they really should sell motivation tablets in chemists for slackers like us!
i have another couple of weeks then it's the easter holidays, but i have a bunch of really important exams straight after, and if i don't pass them.. well, i've screwed up, heh. we only get 6 weeks in the summer over here in the UK but that's okay because we have them spread throughout the year!

thanks for the advice, good luck in getting your assignments done too!

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2003-03-20 13:57 (link)
THanks hon!!

Do you go to highschool still or are u in college or university??

Im in college and that is why I get such a huge break!!

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