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[Drada] (ginger_blood) wrote,
@ 2003-10-13 18:48:00
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    Today, this bitch named Amanda went to guidance and the guidance counselor pulled me and my other friend out of class. See, this girl told me and my friend (Tammy) that she was raped 2wice, and have 2 kids. Now, me and Tammy arent dumb, so of course we asked her questions to put her in a corner, and catch her in her lie. But she stopped being my friend because she said i was talking about her. So, i was like, fuck it! I dont wanna be friends with a 2 faced-liar! So, now, shes getting all smart with me and everything. And when i got pulled out of class, she gave me this little glare, and i was like:
    "Dont gimme that look!"<-Me
    "Im not looking at you!"<-Amanda
    "HEY! I dont want you two to say anything until we get down to the office!"<- The guidance counselor
    And when we got to her office, the counselor said we couldnt raise our voice and we had to stay calm. And, thats almost imposible for me to do. Then she said if we couldnt handle dealing with the situation properly, we'd get a referral. So, i dont give a fuck if i get a referral because, theres no way i can keep my cool. I mean, its understandable if someone lies to you, but not about something so serious. And, especially if you lie several times. So any ways, first Amanda admitted that she lied alot, then she tried to say she didnt lie at all.
    So i hate the bitch.
    And we have to go back in tomorrow to continue working the problem out.
    And lord help me if she tries to lie again, or fuck with me!
    Cuz all hell's gonna break loose!

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2003-10-18 22:34 (link)
Thats wrong!
You dont lie about something that serious. ESPECIALLY when other people have ACTUALLY expirienced that.
So your right
And shes lucky i dont go to your school. Cuz i would have lunched out on her ass!

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