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[Drada] (ginger_blood) wrote,
@ 2003-09-25 17:43:00
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    Current mood:cheerful
    Current music:"Clubbin" Marques Houston <-1 of my favorite songs!

    Im So HAPPY!
    My friend Tim is like... the best. He ALWAYS makes me laugh and smile. Today, health class was the best. Okay, see theres this dude names Manjot, and everyone like, doesnt like him. But today, me and Tim, and this other 2 guys were fuckin with him. He was saying how his family eats this Indian food (because hes indian, but he lived in England until he moved here so he sounds American) and that it tastes like shit! And that sometimes he has to sneak and order out for pizza.
    LMAO ROTF!!!!!!!!
    Me and Tim DIED laughing. I was laughing so hard i was crying. It was hillarious. OMG! And then Tim was joking about Manjot getting caught ordering pizza and his father beating his ASS. And he goes " MANJOT!" And raises his hand up. LMAO! You had to be there to hear it and think it was funny. Cuz it was the way that he said Manjot that really made me laugh. LOL

    Welp, today was a good day. The guy i like's (the one who looks like Tom) brother was running up the stairs ahead of me at the end of the day, and then he stood aside and let me in the door first!! LOL. Not much, but i thought it was cute!

    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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2003-09-25 18:02 (link)
hehe sounds funny!

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2003-09-25 18:44 (link)
Hehehe, its wuz!!!

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2003-09-26 10:28 (link)
Haha!!!! u gots some funny friends girl!!!! Omg, when im on my journal, I know people reply to my posts, but when i go on my new journal, it doesnt show the comment things!!! do u have any clue how that oculd happen, see, im dumb, i just am, i dont know these things, and u make ur journal really reallly really cool, so i was wonderin if u knew why the posts people put on my journal arent showing up!!!!!thanks!!! luv ya!!!


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Re: hey!!
2003-09-26 15:17 (link)
Noppers. Sorry.

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