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Josh (gimmeabeer) wrote,
@ 2003-10-13 19:31:00
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    this evening shannon and i went to the den on a secret mission.

    we acted all nonchalant and wandered about the food court, gathering conveniently wrapped food items. after proceeding through the checkout, we leapt behind wall (by the microwave, milk dispensers, and cereal) and shoved a ton of fries, chicken nuggets, and cheese burgers into her bag. after laughing hysterically and putting our empty trays away, we dashed for the door and exited the building.

    the perfect crime.

    i would like to thank the government of the state of michigan for cutting funding to nmu to the point where the university can no longer afford to employ "food nazis" at every exit of the cafeterias.


    after sitting around all morning and afternoon doing nothing, i am currently trapped in my superboring psych of gender lecture. oh boy. this class is such a waste of time. *sigh* it is basically like my psych of sex class from last semester, except... well, the professor is a different woman...

    once i escape this hellhole i have to go right to the first-floor tv room for a meeting about the new smoking room being constructed on the third floor. i was hoping that it would be more of a "lounge", but the other day the door was open when they were working on it and it is basically a dorm room with a giant venting machine on the wall. there's like, no room for any furniture.

    i also want some more cigarettes, so i have to walk to university mobil. yes, you read correctly, walk. that's because my crap car has some sort of grudge against me, and has decided not to start. speaking of, i read this hilarious article about "car shame" written by none other than the wonderful teresa strasser of "while you were out". many people don't know that, aside from being the deliciously witty host of season one, she is an accomplished writer and actress. alright, so "accomplished" may be a bit of an overstatement, but can any of you say that you hosted a dating show and wrote fashion commentaries for us weekly? i didn't think so.

    alright, i'm tired of typing and my fingers hurt. anyhow, i think that this is quite the first real entry, don't you?

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2003-10-14 02:06 (link)
yes josh i was a little worried about you not getting this right. but yay for the green in the bush wink wink.

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