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Josh (gimmeabeer) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 01:51:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Phantom Planet - Wishing Well

    tonight, on the way back from wal*mart, i realized a few things:

    1) i don't like heavy metal. i guess i think of it as okay, but only when in the company of older people, such as my parents or the like.

    2) there are two major types of kids that come from families where they have it easy. there is the first kind, which is responsible, does well in both school and work, and who is clean cut and an overall good person. this would be my sister, jessica. then there is the second type, which does just enough to get by, doesn't really care if he disappoints people, and is a slob. this would be me. the good news is, i think i'm ready to try to become the other type.

    also, wal*mart is only like, two miles away from campus. here on campus, there's a steady rain. at wal*mart, there is about half an inch of slush on the roads, in addition a ton of wet, heavy snow falling. i can only imagine how much is falling even further from the lake. this is so going to suck to drive back in later this week. ugh.

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