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Josh (gimmeabeer) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 23:29:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Continental - Alkaline Trio

    Wow, a whole week without one single post! That's a new record.

    I am so glad I pulled out my CDs. Alkaline Trio makes me feel OK.

    I am so stressed out, for a lot of reasons.

    one][i have a huge art thing to do and i am nowhere near done
    two][i do not really want to drive two hours home, sleep on the couch, then wake up at the ass crack of dawn to drive nine or ten hours with a van full of kids to my mom's house
    three][i am fucking sick of being alone, but i am not any-fucking-where near to being "grown up" enough to get the kind of relationship i want
    four][i miss christin -- alot
    five][i am dangerously depressed, yet i have no reason to be and cannot seem to fix it

    Everything is pissing me off or making me want to cry.

    AND I THINK I AM GIVING UP ON EVERYONE I HAVE EVER LIKED FOR THEIR SAKE. I'm just too much of a fucking mess right now. (this could just be one of my temporary "things".. but who knows/cares...l'm just a fucking loser.)


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