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Gish (giish) wrote,
@ 2012-06-05 19:44:00
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    Current mood: amused

    My clumsiness will never resolve itself. I just have to accept it as such, and just get better at dealing with the bumped knees, paper cuts, cat running up and down stairs, loose pants hem, missing belt (pants almost falling down in public) and any other assortment of issues I generally run into on any given day.

    I almost fell head first down the stairs this morning, blinking sleep out of my eyeballs, and Beans comes behind me, running close to my feet, causing me to almost trip myself down the stairs as if I'm an acrobat. I landed on my butt, hanging on to the railing, like a little old lady. I could have broken a hip! Heh.

    Here's Beans visiting with his bud. Probably gossiping about me *grin*
    Beansie and friend

    The morning didn't go as smooth as I had hoped, trying to figure out the new coffee maker. Not a new one mind you, this was a a 5 dollar special from the Thrift store, it's the only way I can find vintage coffee makers that make the best coffee, at least until I can get a coffee press, which makes the fantastic coffee.

    So here's my little (in)experience making coffee this morning. Only two minor burns to one finger, and the top of my hand. That shit splatters. Place Italian espresso into basket. Place basket on metal stick thing, fill pot with water, stick the metal stick and basket into coffee pot, turn on stove. Seems simple right? Naw, it eventually over boiled, I went to get it, lifted off the lid (burn self on fingers because the lid is glass), attempted to lifting pot off stove, which then splatters hot (not even good) coffee all over my hands and stove top.

    I'm swearing out the wazoo and dancing around the kitchen and thinking: this cannot be a good way to start the day.


    All in all, no harm done. A couple of very minor injuries, when I think what could have been considering the near fall down the stairs. I need to be more awake these days.

    At least my pants haven't fallen down. Yet. *grin*

    Sweet sunlight in my living room. Small joys of life.

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