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#8 (giddygal) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 01:11:00
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    Current mood: dirty
    Current music:Britney Spears - Boom Boom

    Happy relievin week :-) Me n derek are talkin again :-) Since I needed help w/ analysis on like tues nite i've been over his house all weeeeek. Tues nite, wed nite, n thurs nite, and today he came over after he picked me up from school. He had surgery so he hasnt been in school. ALSO on tues nite me, barry, n brianna went to Newbury Comics n got tha NEW BRITNEY!! AHH!! mmhmm I LOVER THA ALBUM LIKE IT WAS MY CHILD!! When me n barry got in the store n we saw it we were like screamin hysterically n bein all giddy n brianna was like omg wtf. . . she's like 12 yrs younger than us n SHE'S embarrassed ahaha I LOVE IT. Umm tonite I got ready n picked up Julie n then i was SUPPOSED to drive Brianna to her bfs house in Tewks. but she called n canceled like, RITE WHEN I GOT TO HER HOUSE lolol. So then me n Julie went to the dance, n we pulled in, and realized I was the only person who actually had a car to park, so we felt retarded n left lol. I got a call from Anthony sayin he needed a ride from drivers ed, so i went to agganis n picked him up. Then the 3 of us went to the dance :-) It was like a great big party, lemme tell ya. Awesome mrs Mutchler gave us a discount when we walked in. OO BABY!! i was pumped. And then we saw the only other juniors there - Barry, miele, n Emily. ahaha. We chilled w/ them n danced to uhm NEW BRITNEY and then @ 8:30 me, julie, and anthony went back to anthony's house. We watched old wrestlin video's w/ his mom n dad LOL they were hillarious. My like complete coinsedence ICE AGE was on HBO w/ SLOTH!!! We told his dad tha story about Slothy ahaha. Oh man, it was so funny lol. Julie n Anthony played games n slept lol. Then we watched TV n @ 11 I took her home. I went BACK to anthony's house until 1. N yups that was my nite. My mom is all bitchin cuz i was out past 12 cuz like im not supposed to be drivin after 12. Uhm WHATEVER. I was gonna stop @ mickey d's too cuz the drive thru is open till 2am. I figured it wouldnt be a good idea tho lol.
    Tomorrow morn there is a freshmen football game i mite go to if i can find someone to meet me there or somethin, but if i cant then forget it. It's too early for me if i have no one to meet lol. Tha powder puff game was gonna be tomorrow, but it's wed. now. I swear if any tewks kids pull any shit w/ my senior buddies ill murder their faces. Kinda like Ill murder the freshmen girls' faces :-) Yes I HATE freshmen girls, with the exception of Katie, Brianna, Danyell, and Shiloh. Yeah, everyone else sucks.
    mmhmm mam is bitchin cuz it's too late or whatever, ciao fo now mah blurrty babessss

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2003-11-23 14:12 (link)
Yes I HATE freshmen girls, with the exception of Katie, Brianna, Danyell, and Shiloh.

mwaha, i am one of those exceptions :0) actually i was the first acception cuz yanno im just so kick ass

and no im not 12...granted i was 12 ONLY 2 years ago, but still lol im over developed mwaha :)

ya and the only reason i was embarrassed is because guys were like 'Are your friends alrite?" and im like 'Who? what friends, im here ALONE' hahahaha i still love you guys thou

ya and sorry, my mom is a fookin psycho :( i called n left a message...and the fuckin hour me n my mom faught...[sp]...i went to his hous for like an hour!!!!!!!!! and didnt even get ne ass cuz his friends were there...WTF HE SOO OWES ME!

jess i love you oh so much ;)

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