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. . Ghetto Defendant . . (ghettodefendant) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 20:45:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Guns n Roses - November Rain

    I'm a Complainer :)
    Okay, why does my blurty keep posting my shit up twice? Damn you. Whatever. Anyways, i am so fucking freezing. My sleep depravation caught up to me and i ended up falling asleep on the couch dreaming i was being chased by a lion..Okay.
    I'ms sick of my dog, she never shuts the hell up barking, damn her, and i'm even sicker of my family. They're soo fucking annoying, you wouldn't believe. There;s no washing up liquid in the house, for fucks sake, and i'm the one who has to go WALK to buy some, seeing as i don't have a car, and i'm the one who has to wash up because no one else can be bothered to get of their asses and do it themselves. Don't worry, i'm not some sort of clean freak person or anything, i'm
    just not too keen on hanging around in other peoples crapp. Well anyways..
    I should have gone out with Jaime today, but me being the lazy bitch i am, i didn't. Sometimes i really wonder who my friends are, but then a again, don't we all? I seem to be complaining a hell of alot lately. Everything is just getting on my nerves and pissing me off like there's no tomorrow. Like the smallest thing can just shit me off so badly. For example; The new Evanesence song, 'Going Under' or what ever it's called. I've never heard such a load of shit before in my life. It pisses me. Her voice is fucking disgusting and so whiney. Well anyways..The new Good Charlotte website is up. Well it's not actually a new site, it's still, but it's finally been updated. It's pretty awesome, there's some real purrdy stuff in there. So anyway i have nothing else to say really, so i guess i might go and write some sad, crappy emo kid poetry in my safe diary that's under my bed next to a knife and a razor blade :)


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