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Ghetto Meister (ghettocheese) wrote,
@ 2003-06-21 11:53:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:Kung Fu Fighting -- Foo Fighters

    Okay! I feel like a complete and utter dork today. I watched They last night, it was really stupid. The main actress was really skinny and freakish looking, she had no boobs. She was a sucky actress too. The whole movie was retarded. Then I stayed up late reading this book, L.A. Woman. My mom yelled at me to turn off my light at one in the morning, but I wanted to read, so I turned off the light and found a flashlight. Yeah, *dork*. My mom and I got up early (10:00) and went to Sams to get the new Harry Potter book. I hear that one of the main characters die, hope it isn't Ron, I like Ron. I downloaded Animation Shop 3 and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8. Because I can. You got a problem with it? lol look what I found...

    :D *glee* lol We had to give my dog these pills that make her really tired and calm because she freaks out during storms. We now call her Coma Dog. I saw Just Married. Ashton Kutcher is hot. Well, that's it. Over and Out.

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2003-06-21 15:55 (link)
lmao. dorks rule the universe! :P
i love that icon! rawr. hehe. ^_^

yummy. ashton kutcher is hot! ;D
i bought the harry potter book. :]

my brother gets to read it first. blah! >_<
i heard ron and hermione get it on. lol. ;x

yeah, ron is my favorite. i really hope he doesn't die. >:o
it could be hagrid too, but i don't know. oh well. ;/ ...

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